May 03, 2019

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Nomatic Team Gives Back For The Holidays

Supporting Life On The Move

Our goal at NOMATIC is to support people living life on the move and who is living life on the move more than refugees? These people are nomads leaving the world they’ve known with the hope of building a new life. Once settled, their life continues to be on the move as they learn a new language, basics about life in another culture and develop skills to contribute to their new community.

There are over 60,000 refugees living in Salt Lake City where our company is based, and this holiday season, we wanted to make sure we were involved in contributing to their relief. We did this by donating basics they need to resettle.

International Rescue Committee Packages

One morning in December the NOMATIC team gathered their families to compile packages for 40 different refugee families. We put together 20 newborn kits with basics like bottles and clothes and 20 NOMATIC backpacks filled with work basics like notebooks and watches.

We donated these packages to the International Rescue Committee where they will be matched with people who need these supplies.

It was our pleasure to put these packages together for refugees in our community. If you’d like to offer aid to people in need, check out rescue.org and let us know what you’re doing to serve your communities.


May 02, 2019

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LIFE ON THE MOVE Party in Nashville

A Party for People Living Life on the Move

The Monday before the Country Music Awards, over 100 members of country music crews — from the teams of Maren Morris to Blake Shelton — joined NOMATIC for an end of tour party in Nashville. Our guests were people who literally live LIFE ON THE MOVE, spending nights on a tour bus, waking up every day in a new city. We wanted to celebrate them by giving them a chance to reconnect (as well as gifting these travelers our awesome travel gear).

This party was the culmination of the hard work of many people. Not only did it take the efforts of the team here at NOMATIC, but we had the help of Jason Kimball from Enso, Kyle Creamer from Radio Sobro, as well as Annie Clements and Thad Beaty from Sugarland.

 A Chill Atmosphere

The party took place in the third story of a historic motor vehicle factory. It was a great space with wooden banisters, exposed brick and a view of Nashville.

Nashville cook, Kris “Peanut” O’Conner — known for keeping people happy on many a country concert tour — kept our guests’ bellies full with the kind of stick-to-your-bones cooking that makes you feel like you’re cuddled up in a quilt on a cozy couch. Her Dr. Pepper ribs, candied bacon and bread pudding made everyone wish they weren’t quite so full, so there’d be space for seconds (or third)

The Murder Shower

Our guests also went crazy for the “murder shower” photo booth designed by Annie Clements. If you don’t know what a murder shower is, you’re not alone. Apparently, when a tour rolls up to the event venue, everyone gets assigned a dressing room. The star gets a high-class dressing room and the rest of the crew… doesn’t. Turns out, there are some pretty wretched showers out there. Our crew member guests got a kick out of taking pictures with the bloody shower curtain and real toilet.

NOMATIC bags for Life on the Move

Best of all, we gave away 75 bags during the event — and everyone went crazy for them. As people who travel for a living, these crew members told us NOMATIC bags are a game changer. So much so that one NOMATIC team member said he had people coming up to him to show him all the features. “They started pitching me the bag,” he said.

Everyone in attendance got a NOMATIC wallet and planner, 75 people got free Enso rings and two lucky winners walked away with TRAEGER Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill