Our Story

NOMATIC is a Kickstarter born company. Originally named BASICS Products, NOMATIC was founded in the summer of 2014 by cousins Jacob Durham and Jon Richards. NOMATIC has successfully funded 4 projects on Kickstarter, each one more successful than the last

- The BASICS Wallet
- The BASICS Notebook
- The NOMATIC Travel Bag
- The NOMATIC Backpack and Travel Pack

They have delivered on all campaigns as promised and are deeply grateful to their Kickstarter Backers and supporters. NOMATIC creates the most functional gear for the urban explorer and can't wait to deliver more innovative products to the world!

Jacob Durham - Basics Products

Jacob Durham

With a passion for product and business development, Jacob is always thinking about the next big product for NOMATIC. Jacob works in his sleep to make sure no opportunities are missed. When it comes to product development or crunching numbers, there is no task too big for Jacob to learn and master.

Jon Richards - Basics Products

Jon Richards

Jon has been inventing since he was born. He is passionate about innovative ideas, function, and entrepreneurship. Product development, content creation, and business operations are a few of his specialties. He is not afraid to solve problems and think outside the box.