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Holiday 2021

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Customer Experience

The Navigator 15L Backpack has been the perfect addition to my daily life on the go.  The size is unbelievably perfect for me and can hold more than you would expect. The 15L has such a clean, sleek and minimalistic look to the bag but still provides a spot for everything you need to carry.

The mesh organizational pockets in the main compartment of the bag are great for storing my laptop charger,  portable battery, phone charger, and all those little extra things, you can never find a pocket for in other bags. I always carry around my NOMATIC notebook and  13” MacBook Pro and it is great knowing that my laptop is well protected in the separate laptop compartment with the added protection the bag provides.

I love the entire NOMATIC line, but the 15L is the perfect size for me and my favorite go-to bag! 


Performance Marketing Manager

I keep a Collapsible Backpack in my car and in my travel bag at all times. It's packable (obviously,) offers internal storage/organization galore and is as comfortable as a regular backpack.

Whether you're a hiker, gear addict, travel junkie or just someone with exquisite taste, the Collapsible Backpack will be everything you want and then some.


Social Media Coordinator

The Navigator Sling 6L is my go-to diaper sling when I’m out running errands with my baby and have my hands full. It has the ability to keep my hands free, provides perfect organization for my tech and baby items, and gives me quick and easy access to items I need in a hurry.

Never thought a bag could make my life easier, but the sling 6L sure does.



The original Backpack is my bag of choice for everyday use. It's sleek, innovative, and even looks good with a splash of blue.

I guess i could be biased... i designed it myself


VP of Product

The Original Travel Pack is all about versatility. I use it everyday to haul my 15" laptop, iPad Pro, sketchbooks, pens and marker sets, all kinds of measuring and cutting devices, and all kinds of other gadgets and gear. It all stays perfectly organized in all the interior compartments and pockets, and I can grab anything I need at a moment’s notice.

When I’ve got a weekend trip, I open the expansion zipper and pack a couple outfits and I’ve got everything I need. For multi-week trips, It’s the perfect companion to the Carry-On Classic. With those two items, I can go anywhere in the world without the hassle of checking a bag.

The Travel Pack is the core of my everyday AND travel scenarios, and mine is still going strong after 3+ years of hard use.

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