Nomatic x
Zach King

Make your new favorite bag appear

We partnered up with Zach King in his recent Battle of the Magic Makers video, where the top 3 contestants battled it out for the win. But we wanted to give you a chance to win as well!

From 4/20 to 4/28, Zach King and Nomatic gave away
10 FREE bags

Contest Winners

Jesus A.SpainNavigator Travel Backpack 32L
James B.AustraliaMcKinnon Camera Pack 35L
Paul T.SingaporeNavigator Travel Backpack 32L
Daniel C.United States Navigator 1L Sling - Tiger Stripe
Nathan K.United StatesMcKinnon Camera Pack 35L
Lallie X.United StatesMcKinnon Cube Pack 21L
David M.United States20L Backpack
Philip F.United KingdomMcKinnon Camera Pack 25L
Aylo G.United Kingdom20L Travel Pack
Cole G.United StatesMcKinnon Camera Pack 35L
David S.Western Australia20L Backpack
James J.United StatesMessenger Bag
Callum R.South AustraliaMcKinnon Camera Pack 25L
James H.Australia30L Travel Bag
Digital BAustraliaMcKinnon Camera Pack 35L