How Living In The Jungle For 30 Days Transformed My Life

How Living In The Jungle For 30 Days Transformed My Life

by, Dayana Aleksandrova

Imagine abandoning the 40-hour work grind to move to a tropical island and sip piña coladas on the beach all day long. When the hectic city life got to me, that’s just what I did. I moved to the jungle for 30 days and it changed my life. Here’s what happened.

I discovered incredible sights


First of all, I couldn’t believe the views that opened up before me. Going down into El Valle is quite the treat; Wind brushes your face and your hair runs wild as the motorcycle descends into the valley. It’s all green here, in shades you didn’t even know existed. Just when you think it can’t get any more beautiful, you’re dropped off at this surreal place that looks like it came out of a dream sequence.

My home for the 30-day jungle experience was the Dominican Treehouse Village. The name says it all — this resort is made up of 22 legit tree houses nestled among the palm trees. Walking on the wooden bridges that connect them makes you feel like Indiana Jones. At night, you don’t even need a meditation app to still your mind because the sounds of birds and bullfrogs lull you to sleep.



I became more aware


And here’s where the truly relaxing element comes in: this place has no wifi. That’s on purpose. Not being glued to your phone teaches you a whole lot.

First of all, you become way more aware about your surroundings. You become mindful of how things look, observing the shapes of all the weird plants around. Not staring at a glowing screen also gives your eyes a much-needed break, and soon you feel rested and see colors in their true splendor.

You immerse yourself in nature completely, whether by swimming in the ocean or walking around touching all the hibiscus plants.



I got more healthy


Your diet improves, too. All the food you eat around here is natural — from the passion fruit juice the chef makes to the grilled fish caught the same day.

Fitness becomes a piece of cake, too. You get in shape here without even realizing it. That’s because you walk everywhere, and most of it is pure jungle terrain — narrow paths and steep hills.

Meditation becomes a treat after a long day. You chill out in a hammock under a fan and doze off. You spend some quality time reading a book.


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I met incredible people


Perhaps the best part of all is that you meet so many cool characters. The Treehouse attracts adventurous souls from all over. Before you know it, you all become friends and end up spending entire evenings eating together and playing card games or sharing ghost stories around the fire. You end up creating strong bonds with some people. I was even invited to a wedding.



Time meant something different


Time has its own beat here. Each day is full of adventure — snorkeling at a remote beach, riding an ATV along rough roads, or hiking to a waterfall. There’s always something to do. If you decide to lazy it up, that’s fine too. Just go lie on the beach with a coconut in hand. Nobody will bother you. You can make time stand still.



To be honest, I was sad to leave my jungle home after the 30-day experiment was over. But I was changed, and I brought the changes home with me. I have since become more patient, my mind is less cluttered, I’m more social, and I’m more appreciative of the small things like a good plate of fresh pineapple.

Whenever the busy world gets to you, head to the jungle. It is hands-down the best teacher you will ever find.



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