Why Egypt Should Be on Your Bucket List

Why Egypt Should Be on Your Bucket List

Egypt was once the heart of civilization on earth. Everyone from traders, merchants, and travelers went through Egypt to get to where they needed to go. Thousands of years later, Egypt still has plenty to offer, especially to tourists.


There are gigantic monuments as old as 6,000 years, state-of-the-art museums, and the best part? Everything is extremely affordable. We know a thing or two about travel, and if you’ve ever wanted to head to Egypt and discover its many wonders, then you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at our list of what to see in Egypt, and learn the best time to visit Egypt.

The Grand Egyptian Museum

You might be surprised that the Pyramids or Sphinx aren’t on the top of this list. The Grand Egyptian Museum is a $1 billion remarkable building, which is the largest archaeological museum ever, and it will give you a perfect view of the pyramids!


This magnificent museum has over 120,000 real artifacts, including what was inside Tutankhamun’s tomb and most mummies discovered around the area. When you walk up to the museum, you’ll be greeted by the colossus of Ramses II, staring down at you. The full museum is not scheduled to open until 2020 so put it on your bucket list. From Old and Ancient Egypt to the Middle Kingdom, this museum is a must-see.


No, we’re not talking about the hotel in Vegas. Luxor is home to some of the greatest temples in the ancient world, often overlooked by people visiting Egypt. It is home to the biggest temple known as the Karnak temple dedicated to Amun-Ra. History of this area dates back to around 2100 BC.

Known as the world’s “greatest open-air museum”, Luxor is home to many ruins, sitting along the River Nile, and includes the West Bank Necropolis and Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens. As one of the world’s richest points of history, it’s important to visit Luxor on your travels around Egypt.

Deir el-Medina

Speaking of the Valley of Kings and Queens, one area to check out when you visit Egypt is Deir el-Medina. Because Pharaohs were buried with all of their earthly possessions (and their staff members) their graves were often robbed. Yet, tombs had to be built, and even in secret, workers could always come back.

So Deir el-Medina was founded as a place where artisans lived to construct the tombs in nearby villages. When people moved into this city, they weren’t allowed to leave. During any off-time, many of the builders would work on their own tombs.

Travel the Nile

One of the best ways to explore the beauty that is the Nile River is to float down it. As you travel up the Nile (or down if you want to be politically correct), you’ll see much of the treasure that lines the west bank.

Consider the history of this area as you travel through biblical waters, look at villages and towns that have changed very little over time, and spot temples that dot the horizon. You’ll also see Kom Ombo, a temple dedicated to the gods Sobek and Horus the Elder. If you’re there after dusk, you’ll hear bells that ring from mosques on either side of the river.

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