Time is your most valuable asset. You can either let it slide by or choose to elevate every moment. One leads to regret, the other to freedom. At NOMATIC our goal is to inspire everyone to live elevated moments, progressing physically, mentally, socially, and individually to ultimately become their best self, and to enjoy every moment of life that is worth living. Take control of your life, and ELEVATE EVERY MOMENT.


Time is our most valuable asset

We believe that by living every moment intentionally, everyone can progress towards their best self, and enjoy more elevated moments


Elevate Every Moment

We inspire everyone to live elevated moments through intentionally designed products


A community of people living elevated moments

Everyone progressing physically, mentally, socially, and personally to become their best self.

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Product Developer

(Soft & Hard Goods)

Salt Lake City, UT

We are Movers and Makers

We have a passion for progress, and view challenges as opportunities for growth. We believe growth is accelerated through one clear vision, honest communication, accountability, and reward. We encourage and inspire others to grow with us

We are Intrapreneurs

We take responsibility for our choices. We seek to understand expectations and will not make excuses or blame others if we fall short. We respect each other and will do our part to bring solutions instead of problems.

We are Honest Humble Hustlers

We take the high road, humbly. We act with integrity and civility in all relationships and inspire others to do the same.

We Elevate Every Moment

We strive for a balanced life. We understand our why, and we intentionally design a path to accomplish it.

We make First Class Product

We create intentionally designed products that elevate moments and go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

We Are Nomatic

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