20 Reasons I’m Obsessed With The Nomatic Travel Pack

20 Reasons I’m Obsessed With The Nomatic Travel Pack

With all the bags out there, it’s challenging to weigh the pros and cons. For me, what sets the NOMATIC Travel Pack apart is that it combines all the best features into one incredible bag. AKA, you don’t have to choose from all those bags, you can have all the best features in one bag.

Two bags in one

My favorite feature is that you can use it as an everyday pack (for the office or school), but when you go on a trip, you can expand the bag by 50 percent. So when I go on vacation, I never have to think about packing my chargers, chapstick, etc. — they’re already there! I just unzip the expansion and throw in my toiletries and clothes.

Lifetime warranty

Don’t buy something that will fall apart down the road (or literally on the road). NOMATIC offers a lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry. Each bag is created with durable materials and excellent construction, but should anything happen, NOMATIC will repair or replace your bag for free.

Packing’s super easy

Seriously, you hardly have to think about what to pack because all the pockets basically tell you what not to forget.

Airport security is a breeze

Seriously, the NOMATIC Travel Pack makes security so much easier. For example, you don’t have to take your electronics out of the bag at TSA. This means you’re not the person juggling a bunch of bins and holding up the line. You just slip right on through.

You can pack how you want

I love that I can open the bag and pack it three different ways:

  • Full-zippered front — like a travel bag
  • Clamshell opening — like a suitcase
  • Open from the top — like a regular backpack

Honestly, this is key for helping all my things stay organized during travel.

Keeps your things dry

Somehow I always get caught in the rain when I’m traveling, so I love that all the NOMATIC bags are made with waterproof material and waterproof zippers so my journal, clothes, or phone never get ruined.

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I have a problem.. and it’s with backpacks haha. I’ve been in search for the perfect backpack for ever! Everytime I got a new one it was never what I thought it would be until I found this one! This @nomatic Travel Backpack is the bomb! It exceeded all my expectations of what a backpack should have. So I want to tell everyone out there that has backpack problems to check this company out! They have three versions of it to fit your own personal needs. Then to add a cherry on top they sent me a 20% off discount code for anyone that wants to buy one! Just click the link in my bio and use the code tysonj to activate your discount. This is no joke. I legitimately have found the bag of my dreams haha. And anyone that has seen this bag is amazed with how slick it is and wants to know where I got it! So here is your answer! . #nomatic #lifeonthemove

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Pockets for days

There are over 20 pockets on this bag that are perfectly designed for everything you carry. There’s a pocket for your shoes, your chargers, your laptop, your notebook — everything.

It’s a Mary Poppins bag

It’s incredible how much you can fit into this bag. I think it’s because of the exceptional organization (there really is a pocket designed for everything), but you will be amazed by how much you can pack in a compact space.

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Shoutout to @nomatic for making a bag that makes me feel like I’m in one of those movies with a girl whose purse is actually just a magical bottomless bag that fit everything imaginable. 😂🎒 Stoked to finally have a comfortable backpack that fits all my gear and doesn’t fall apart when I throw it in the dirt or ruin my gear when it starts to monsoon mid-adventure #notsponsored . . . . . #instagood10k #stayandwander #createexplore #lensbible #createcommune #beautifuldestinations #canon_photos #passionpassport #iamatraveler #discoverer #exploretocreate #visualsoflife #MG5K #FBN10k #agameof10k #awesupply #LF10K #lastingvisuals #yesvisitutah #utahunique #moab #optoutside #utahisrad #youtah #findyourpark #nomatic #wanderfolk #travelblogger

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Comfortable carry

The back padding is soft and cushy, plus it has an air channel to let your back breathe #nosweat

RFID safe

We live in 2019. AKA we need to be smart about security. I love that the NOMATIC bag has a pocket that’s RFID-safe to hold my ID, passport, and credit cards. That way I know no one can steal my information.

No lost keys

Ever come home from a trip (more tired than anything, might I add) and can’t remember where the heck you stuck your keys? Yeah, that never happens to anyone… The NOMATIC Travel Pack comes with a retractable key leash so you can just stick your keys on it and know exactly where they are when you get home (and want to get in bed).

Plenty of space

The NOMATIC Travel Pack is 20L but can expand to 30L so it fits everything I need.

Keeps your tech safe

There are padded, lifted compartments for your laptop and your tablet to keep them safe.

Super secure

The Travel Pack is equipped with lockable zippers and comes with a TSA-approved lock so you never have to worry about people messing with your stuff.

Roller luggage sleeve

The back has a sleeve so you can slip it over the handle of your roller luggage. This makes carrying everything super slick.

Comes with packing cube

It comes with a compression packing cube which is amazing for two reasons: 1. It keeps everything organized (I definitely used to use gallon-size ziplock bags to organize my clothes before… ). 2. It uses zippered compression so you can pack more in less space.

Free shipping

NOMATIC ships anywhere in the U.S. for free — which is awesome because I hate paying extra for my product just because I bought it online.


After all that, what's stopping you? It's got everything you could want. Get the NOMATIC Travel Pack here.