What's Different About The Updated NOMATIC Bags?

What's Different About The Updated NOMATIC Bags?


What's different about the bags you already love

Our bags have been loved for years by 50,000 customers worldwide. We are so grateful for the positive reactions we continue to receive from people who are crazy about our products. 

To create our bags, we surveyed thousands of people, created several prototypes, and went through years of testing to create a product that we were confident was the most functional bag on the market.

Still, one of NOMATIC's core values is constant improvement. When it comes to our products, this means listening to our customers and continually educating ourselves about new materials and techniques. 

As we've improved our processes, gained knowledge, and learned from you, we decided to make some changes to the bags you already love. Here are some of the changes we've made to our bags, making them the bags you already love, but even better.



Updated minimalist style

The classic version of our bags sports a triangle pattern on a diagonal panel. The new version has a straight-stitch canvas to give the bags the more minimalist design that you, our customers, are looking for.


Increased scratch resistance

The exterior fabric on the new version of our NOMATIC bags is more scratch resistant. While our classic version is also manufactured with a tarpaulin material, making it water-resistant and durable, the new version is built with a tougher carbonite-coated 6PM tarpaulin. This keeps your bag looking sleek and polished longer.


YKK zippers

The main zippers on the NOMATIC Travel Pack, NOMATIC Backpack, and NOMATIC Messenger Bag are now YKK brand — known to be the leader in their field. We've done this to give you the added confidence that you're buying a top-of-the-line bag that will last.


Increased security

To make your bag even more secure, we've removed the two bottom zippers. You still have full perimeter access from any angle, but you have the option of locking the two zips together to ensure people can't access the bag when you're not aware.


Higher-end interior

The new interior material is higher quality than that on the classic version, resulting in a better-looking and stronger interior.


Easier hip belt attachment

We wanted to make attaching and removing the waist straps on our backpacks even easier so we added hypalon belt loops. Not only do these make adding straps easier, the hypalon makes them even stronger, for ease supporting a big weight.


Stronger chest strap

The chest strap is designed to carry the load of your bag so you don't feel it on your shoulders. The new one is stronger, to go further. 


Note: The classic version of our bags are still available for a limited time in our clearance section at a discounted price.