Deep Dive into the Nomatic Vacuum Bag

Deep Dive into the Nomatic Vacuum Bag

Every seasoned traveler knows that packing without precision is a big mistake. If you pack wisely, you can save money on baggage fees, keep your belongings organized and protected throughout the trip, and have sufficient room for souvenirs and other goods.


At Nomatic, our team of travel fanatics has taken the art of packing to the next level with a collection of gear and unique bags designed to help you pack and travel wisely. The Nomatic Vacuum Bag, in particular, is the product we’ll be highlighting in this article. Keep reading to learn how using this nifty bag in your luggage will save you loads of space, and keep your belongings organized from the moment you start packing to the day you arrive home.

Introducing The Nomatic Vacuum Bag

The Nomatic Vacuum Bag was designed for two types of travelers: the packing perfectionist that takes pride in their ability to fit everything they need into one small suitcase and the “better safe than sorry” packer who likes to be prepared for any possible outcome.


If you’re a traveler that needs to make extra space in your luggage, then this compression bag is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Unlike other generic vacuum-seal bags, this space-saver is made from durable materials and backed by a lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee.

6 Ways to Use Your Nomatic Vacuum Bag

Just one of our vacuum bags can reduce an 18-inch stack of clothing to a mere 10 inches. Double up for more space-saving opportunities and use your bags to pack and organize all sorts of soft items!


  1. Tired of big, bulky sweaters and coats taking up valuable space in your luggage? Stuff them in a compression bag that will reduce their space-hogging size.
  2. Do you like to take a blanket with you on the plane? Use a vacuum bag to compress it into a size small enough to fit in your carry-on.
  3. Keep your luggage smelling fresh and clean by using the vacuum bag to store your dirty laundry until you can get it washed.
  4. Packing for cold weather with fluffy scarves, gloves, hats, and knit sweaters? Tuck them away inside their own compression bag so you’re not digging through your suitcase later for a stray glove.
  5. Stash your delicates inside the bag to keep them from snagging on luggage zippers or falling out of your suitcase when family is around.
  6. Do you like to sleep on your own comfy pillow while you travel? Stuff it in a vacuum bag and reduce its size with the vacuum seal.


The Nomatic Vacuum Bag is the perfect solution to a messy, overstuffed suitcase. No matter how you choose to use it, you can bet that it will make some room and keep your personal belongings organized and easily accessible. Order your Nomatic Vacuum Bag today and start packing like a pro!