How The Slim Wallet Helps With Organization

How The Slim Wallet Helps With Organization

If you’ve ever pulled your wallet out of your back pocket only to find that it’s roughly the size and weight of a small brick, you’ve probably thought about getting a slim wallet—or at least throwing out a few useless receipts. On the other hand, you may not keep much in your wallet, but the design is bulky, unappealing, and impractical. Join the minimalist thin wallet movement and cut down on the clutter. Forgo the brick in your back pocket, and enjoy a life where your wallet doesn't send you to a chiropractor.

Slim Wallets Keep You Organized

Slim wallets are enticing for their design, but you may have wondered, how do slim wallets work? If you think their minimalistic design seems too streamlined to do any heavy lifting, you’d be wrong. These tiny wallets pack a punch and are a great tool to help you get organized. No more fumbling for the wrong card, struggling to find your train pass or crumpling bills in the abyss of your billfold. Slim wallets are surprisingly versatile and can actually help you become more organized. Here are some of the top ways a thin wallet can simplify your life.

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A Place for Everything

Despite a streamlined design, thin wallets still have a place for all the essentials you need. However, they will also force you to keep your wallet organized. Those extra receipts that cluttered up your old wallet aren’t going to fit in a slim wallet. You will have to make choices about what you actually need to carry with you and what is unnecessary.  

No More Shame

Reaching into your back pocket, pulling out an overstuffed billfold, and handing a bunch of crumpled billed over the counter isn’t very professional. What’s worse is that a disorganized wallet makes it nearly impossible to find any cards or cash you have—slowing you down, and causing embarrassment when you can’t find your money. Slim wallets don’t have space for you to clutter them up. You’ll always know where everything is because there’s only one space for it.

Cash Free is the Way to Be

Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, Apple pay, cards—our society is moving away from cash transactions in a major way. There’s simply no need to carry around a wad of cash these days. It seems that this evolution of payment processing hasn’t registered with most wallet makers, who insist on using a bulky and outdated design. It’s time for wallets to reflect how we actually use the money.

If you happen to be traveling in a country that uses mostly cash, a thin wallet can keep you from carrying too much. It’s always a good idea to limit what you have on your person to protect against theft anyway.

Front Pocket Convenience

When you reduce the clutter in your wallet you suddenly have more options for where you can keep it. Many people choose to keep a slim wallet in their front pocket to avoid sitting on it and to encourage themselves to keep the contents simple. A slim design also allows you to keep your phone and wallet in one pocket and avoid constantly rubbing your keys across the surface of your phone.

Avoid Pickpockets

Sure, this isn’t really an organization point, but it is a major benefit of a thin wallet, especially if you travel a lot or visit crowded areas where pickpocketing is common. Keep yourself safer by putting your slim wallet into your front pocket when you travel. Unsurprisingly, front pockets are much more difficult to pick than a back pocket. Thereby reducing your chances of losing your wallet to a pair of nimble fingers.

Nomatic Slim Wallet

Without a doubt, the leader in slim wallet design is the Nomatic wallet. From design to execution, this wallet has received tons of support, with a community of 100,000 and counting who are dedicated to keeping it basic. One look at its unique features, and it's clear why the designers at Nomatic were dedicated to making this wallet a reality. Despite its thin appearance, this wallet functions as a wallet, billfold, cardholder, and coin pouch—an all in one minimalist wallet.

The Nomatic wallet features tabs to keep all your favorite cards organized. Can’t find your business card? Simply pull the tab and there it is. You can even keep a number of cards under one tab—the flexible design of the wallet allows you to fan out your cards and still view them all. Billfold? Check. Coin pouch? Check. The front pocket design easily stretches to hold a few bills and coins, and you can even slide a spare key in for good measure.

Yes, a slim wallet will require that you cut back on some of the excess bulk you carry around. But we’re guessing if you’re reading this, you already want to cut down on unnecessary items in your wallet. Carrying a thin wallet will make you consider what you really need on a day-to-day basis, but will also keep the clutter away. If you’re still wondering, “how do slim wallets work?” pick up the Nomatic wallet today and find out for yourself.