What The Best Bosses Give Their Employees for Christmas

What The Best Bosses Give Their Employees for Christmas

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s that time of year again: the air is getting colder, the snows are coming, and for many of us, our thoughts begin to drift toward Christmas. Who will we see? Are we going anywhere? What on Earth are we going to give to our families and friends? And, often, there’s a quiet little voice inside our heads wondering what we’re going to get, be it from family, friends, or even our bosses.

Giving Gifts to Employees

While not all employers practice the tradition of giving Christmas (or holiday, or winter) gifts to their employees, it is definitely appreciated when they do. But what do your employees want this year? And what can you afford to give them?

The most widely wished for and perhaps the most appreciated gift is the gift of cash. To some, this may seem impersonal and dull, while others may see it as a way to encourage your employees to have a life outside of work. Either way, the receiver of the money could almost certainly use it–in this financial climate, who couldn’t use a few more dollars? Just be careful about how you distribute bonuses; stick to a fair and sensible system to determine who gets how much.

There are, however, other awesome gifts that are a little more personal than cash, and one of these things can mean the world to an employee who wants (and deserves) a little recognition for all his hard work. Here are ten suggestions for great employee gifts you could give this year:

Notebook or Planner

  • A Nomatic Planner and Notebook. This handy little book can help your employees prepare for anything. With lots of excellent features like dual elastics and perforated pages, if they’re in need of a planner, this is the one that they want.


  • Nomatic also makes these amazing backpacks. Everyone needs to carry things, and hefting your stuff around in an organizational and sleek backpack is a great way to do it.

Roku Box

  • Consider the gift of a Roku box for your employees. A Roku is a phenomenal way to stream videos from virtually any streaming service, like Netflix or Hulu.

Terrarium Garden

  • A terrarium garden is a fun way to bring some color and life into the office. These little, low-maintenance gardens can be a bright spot for your employees.

Giant Gummy Bear

  • For a bit of whimsy, consider buying your employees a giant gummy bear. More affordable and nearly guaranteed to make them smile.


  • If you know your employees pretty well, it might be fun to give them a book you think they would like. It’s a nice way of showing that you know–and care.–who they are and what they’re about.

Book-of-the-Month Subscription

  • A subscription to one of those (anything)-of-the-month clubs can be fun. There are so many to choose from, there’s almost certainly one that your employee will like.


  • Fancy chocolate is a traditional gift, and nearly always well-liked. Just make sure to avoid any food allergies.

Cooking Supplies

  • For employees that like to cook (or like to eat) you might think about gifting a piece of distinctive kitchen equipment. A doughnut maker or even a nice cast iron skillet might be very well received.

Oil Diffuser

  • If you work in a stressful job, an essential oil diffuser might be a great gift. Essential oils are designed to help with stress, exhaustion, and even pain. Help your employees feel better.


  • If your employee commutes by foot or bike, a nice umbrella might be an ideal gift. After all, the holiday season falls during the winter, when the skies open up and pour the most. Nobody likes to be wet.

Do something nice for your employees this year. You know they deserve it.