10 Podcasts To Help You Love Your Work And Make More Money

10 Podcasts To Help You Love Your Work And Make More Money

Check out NOMATIC’s ultimate list of business podcasts filled with insights about everything from starting a business to loving your office life. 


How I Built This 

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re not listening to “How I Built This” with Guy Raz, what are you even doing with your life? On his show, Raz interviews the founders of the world’s best-known companies (these are businesses like LinkedIn, Lyft, and Kate Spade) to learn the origins of their businesses and what made them work.


The School of Greatness

With guests like Tony Robbins and Arianna Huffington, Lewis Howes’ “The School of Greatness” is a podcast that feels like you’re talking to people at the top as if they’re your personal mentor.


The Tim Ferris Show

Tim Ferris, author of books like “The 4-Hour Work Week” interviews the top people in everything from art to investing. The result is an understanding of tactics and routines listeners can use to become the better in their own field.



StartUp is a pretty meta podcast in its series about starting a business. Alex Blumberg created this podcast that follows himself through the journey of starting a podcast company. Believe it or not, the ride is pretty griping as well as enlightening.


Planet Money

If you want to know what’s up with the economy but can’t stomach the idea of listening to economics, “Planet Money” is the podcast for you, handling the topic in a digestible and informative way.


Business Wars

Whether it’s Netflix vs. Blockbuster or Nike vs. Adidas, the big wigs are battling to get your attention and your wallet, essentially shaping what we buy and how we live. David Brown’s podcast explores those stories.



Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist, explores the minds of people who are extraordinary at work to reveal insights to making work great. This means learning to love criticism and harnessing the power of frustration.


The Big Payoff

Hosts Rachel Bellow and Suzanne Muchin have launched and sold six companies together. Their podcast repeatedly delivers insider tips such as how to cold reach out to someone in your network to how to excel as an introvert.



If you’re one of those people who means to read Harvard Business Review, but doesn’t always make time for it, listen to this podcast with HBR editor Sarah Green. Episode topics range from an interview with Google’s Eric Schmidt to “Business Lessons from How Marvel Makes Movies.”