On The Move With Memphis May Fire’s Jake Garland

Jake Garland is the fast-paced, dynamic drummer of the eminent metalcore band Memphis May Fire

Memphis May Fire, formed in 2006, quickly rose to prominence with their unique blend of metalcore, characterized by powerful breakdowns, melodic choruses, and emotionally charged lyrics. Their discography consists of several critically acclaimed albums, including "The Hollow," "Challenger," and "This Light I Hold." Known for their electrifying live performances and loyal fanbase, Memphis May Fire continues to be a driving force in the metalcore genre.

NOMATIC's own Head Of Retention, Zane DeLucia sat down with Jake Garland to discuss insights into his musical journey, the evolution of Memphis May Fire, his experiences with NOMATIC gear, and how it’s helped him Live Life On The Move.

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Background & Early Influences

Zane Delucia: Jake, so happy to have you, and thank you for your time. Let’s kick it off!
How long have you been playing drums, and what drew you to music, especially the metal and hardcore scene?

Jake Garland: I've been playing drums for about 25 years. I started when I was 10 and was just kind of intrigued by music.

It all began in elementary school band classes, with little percussion classes, and even going all the way back to the recorder days, which I'm sure was a nightmare for my parents. I started listening to Blink-182 and Green Day, then moved on to Disturbed and System of a Down. 

I started my first band when I was 14 and kept playing. I got my first record deal with a band called Broadway from Florida. We put out an album together, and through touring with them, I eventually moved over to playing with Memphis May Fire. I've been with them for 15 years now.

Band Dynamics & Evolution

Zane Delucia: That's awesome. I didn't know you were in Broadway! That's sick. So, band chemistry—how has the collaboration and writing process with the other members evolved from when you started, especially with the shift to digital?

Jake Garland: Pretty much like a well-oiled machine since I joined. Kellen, our guitar player, is the main solo writer. He writes almost everything and gives us a full instrumental demo whenever he's ready to start writing new songs. Cory goes in and does all his parts. When it's time to really nail the song, I take the demos, go to the studio, rewrite some of the parts to make them my own, and track the live drums. 

That's been the case since I joined the band. When I first joined, we were writing "The Hollow," our first album on the record label we're on now. 

Involvement With NOMATIC

Jake Garland with Travel Pack Photo: Caleb Arnaud Jake Loves his Travel Pack from Nomatic Photo: Caleb Arnaud


Zane Delucia:  How did you get involved with NOMATIC, and how does their gear fit into your touring life?

Jake Garland: Aaron Berkshire, a Florida homie and longtime collaborator, got me connected with NOMATIC. He's been working with us for years, doing photos and videos. The past few times we've brought him out on tour, he comes with all the NOMATIC suitcases and camera bags. 

Me and guys like nice things and always try to have nice gear. With NOMATIC, I thought the gear was great—not just for the appearance but also for durability. 

Years ago, I had a partnership with a European luggage brand, but their gear fell apart after one tour. They were meant for millionaires flying on private jets, not musicians throwing stuff in and out of a bus. I ended that partnership and appreciated that NOMATIC gear holds up.

I've had my suitcase and backpack for four or five months now, and they're still in perfect condition. The sleek black look is great, and I get what you mean about having a nice look and confidence—it feels good to roll up to an airport or get out of an Uber with matching, durable luggage.

Zane Delucia: You want premium gear, just like you want your drum equipment to last.

Jake Garland: Exactly. It's important to have stuff that holds up with a lot of traveling. I'd rather say I've had a bag or suitcase for five years and have it still in great shape than keep getting new ones that fall apart quickly.

Jake with Outset Jacket Photo: Caleb Arnaud
Jake closeup of Outset Jacket Photo: Caleb Arnaud


Zane Delucia: The Outset Collection is your new go-to. I see you rocking the Outset- T-shirt, and I thought it was awesome when you mentioned that you moved away from jeans to our pants and joggers. Is that because you feel more comfortable on the daily and drumming, or is it because you prefer the look? 

Jake Garland: Definitely for both comfort and style. I have a bunch of Adidas track pants and stuff like that. I like wearing them because they’re comfortable and stylish. I still have my jeans for promo shoots when we need to look a specific way. But for everyday use and performances, I prefer joggers and other comfy gear. 

They look good without being overly branded, unlike Adidas soccer pants with stripes or Nike gear with check marks. It’s nice to have sleek, minimalist clothing for meet-and-greets or photo shoots.

Zane Delucia: That’s why I like the brand. We don’t need to flex; we let the quality speak for itself.

Jake Garland: Exactly. A lot of other band guys have commented on my NOMATIC gear, thinking it’s Lululemon or something. It’s great to have gear that looks good and performs well with minimal branding.

Photo: Caleb Arnaud

Preferred Drum Equipment

Zane Delucia: Speaking of performing well, what drum set do you use, and why have you stuck with them for so long?

Jake Garland: I have been using Truth Custom Drums for 16 years. They make everything I want, and their kits sound better than 90% of others out there. I value the relationship, and I'd rather have a personal connection and use products I truly believe in.

Favorite Venues

Zane Delucia: A couple of rapid-fire questions. What's your favorite venue to play?

Jake Garland: That’s tough. One of my favorites is Koko in London—it’s beautiful. The Norva in Virginia has a great backstage vibe but a small stage. The new House Of Blues in Anaheim is solid all around, though the walk from the buses to the green room is long. Each venue has its unique charm.

Photo: Caleb Arnaud

Dream Collaboration

Zane Delucia: If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

Jake Garland: I’ve always wanted to have a song with Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. I feel like Matty and Chester together would create something badass, blending their unique styles. We played a festival with them once, which was cool, even though we didn’t get to meet him.

Zane Delucia: Chester is a legend. It's a testament to what depression can do, regardless of status. What’s next for Memphis May Fire? Any upcoming projects or tours?

Upcoming Projects and Tours

Jake Garland: We’re playing a festival in Alaska next weekend. Starting at the end of September, we’re doing part two of our "All My Friends" tour, hitting markets we missed the first time. We’ll be in San Francisco and Los Angeles proper, not Anaheim. The tour runs from late September through early November. We also recently released a new song called "Chaotic" and are working on more music. 

We’re excited about the new material and the positive direction it’s taking us.I feel like it'll be another really positive move for the band and bring some new hype to old fans - we're all stoked about it.

Zane Delucia: That's fantastic. Thanks for sharing your insights, Jake and thanks for being a sick posterboy for what it means to Live Life On The Move. Looking forward to seeing you in San Francisco!

Jake Garland: Thank’s Zane, See you there,

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