'Why Don't You' Author Shares Surprisingly Insightful Secrets To Accomplishing Your Dreams

'Why Don't You' Author Shares Surprisingly Insightful Secrets To Accomplishing Your Dreams


Muhammed Ali said,"If you think the same at 50 as you do at 20, you haven't lived." When Josh Lynott heard this, he decided he wanted to write a book at 20 and a book at 50. Just a few words had the power to inspire ultra-marathon runner and photographer became an author.

Josh's aim in writing "Why Don't You?" was to inspire people to take more risks, do what they love, and appreciate the one percenters.

To inspire you to do just that, here are some of Josh's words to motivate you.





“The unknown is your biggest fear, and your greatest gift.”



“What you put out in the world is exactly what's coming back to you. If you find things coming back to you that you don't like or you don't understand, don't ask yourself why, ask yourself that you're doing to make them come back to you,”




“The absence of a plan B is intimidating at times, but it worries me more how much time you waste creating a plan B in the first place.”





"Perfect timing rarely exists. It was those that grabbed the time they had with everything they could that suggested timing was malleable and not as rigid as we once thought." 




"There is infinitely more value in who you are now than who you’re not - don’t let the world miss out on this greatness."





"Every chapter of life requires a different version of you. You have to level up, adapt, learn and then be prepared to leave the previous version of you behind."





"Even if you do the same thing two days in a row or for two weeks in a row, make sure you’ve developed from where you started." 




"No Bad Days - it's up to you to recognise that even on a day where everything appears to have gone wrong, that there will always be a little bit of good somewhere throughout that day."





"Only when your want to change outweighs your fear of change, will change occur."