The 6 Best Travel Podcasts for Digital Nomads

The 6 Best Travel Podcasts for Digital Nomads

If working from around the world has been on your resume for years or if you’re just starting to consider the option of being a digital nomad, take a look at these six digital nomad podcasts. Each one has something that can help you become a better and more efficient nomad. 

1. Nomadtopia Radio

While there are other programs that might have more episodes, Amy Scott and Nomadtopia Radio provide a quality look at people from around the world that have made their lives in slowly traveling, living abroad, and being digital nomads. Each episode highlights and gives a new way to find meaning in your life from around the world as well as still addressing the details of living around the globe. 

Amy is a veteran at the location-independent lifestyle and her experiences alone would be valuable enough, but together with her guests, she covers topics like balancing home and travel, unconventional budgeting, and the ups and downs of house sitting. Nomadtopia Radio is a digital nomad podcast produced and tailored for helping other nomads with their journeys.

2. Location Indie

Location Indie is a private social network of people who are passionate about traveling, building online businesses, and connecting with others who do the same. This includes workshops, monthly events, meetups, and support groups. In addition to that, Location Indie has a must-hear podcast that gives its members a place to share their personal experiences, along with offering tips and tricks to other digital nomads trying to follow in their footsteps. 

Jason and Trav, two guys who are location-independent digital nomads, host each episode as the voice of the community, reaching out to every listener to come and join them in their experience. Their goals are to be totally free when it comes to location, time, and finances, and each episode focuses on just those things in an honest, unfiltered approach.

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3. Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast

Some nomads know how to do their job, but the idea of getting to a different country to do business or being able to get there without going over-budget is overwhelming. Travis Sherry with Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast can help. 

Extra Pack of Peanuts is a travel podcast that focuses on being able to travel where you want, how you want, for as long as you want, while still staying within your budget. Travis focuses on spending less money to travel more and has interviews with other experts like Chris Guillebeau and AJ Jacobs. Together they can give you new tips and tricks on your travels, and help you be prepared for wherever you want to travel next. 

4. Entrepreneurs on Fire

While not about travel in the digital nomad lifestyle, many nomads are entrepreneurs, and Entrepreneurs on Fire is one of the best podcasts out there. This award-winning podcast is hosted by John Lee Dumas and covers every topic that new and experienced entrepreneurs could benefit from. 

With a frequent release schedule, John’s numerous topics include decision making, building a seven-figure company, digital advertising, and scaling your company.


5. Screw the Nine to Five

Jill and Josh Stanton are online entrepreneurs and co-hosts to the Screw The Nine to Five podcast. They discuss their own failures and successes in an honest and transparent way and continue that candid attitude when interviewing a long list of guests that have visited their show. 

The goal of Screw the Nine to Five is to empower people to ditch the typical day job, and instead transform it into an online business that can help you become a digital nomad. With topics like the differences between entrepreneurs and employees in a company, building a business with your significant other, and even how to quit your job in 180 days to become a freelancer, their podcast is a great resource for what digital nomads are looking for. 

6. Zero to Travel Podcast

The Zero to Travel Podcast is perfect for the experienced digital nomad that knows how to navigate their way around the world and is looking for new secrets into how to do it better, as well as the newcomer who is just trying to understand the best way to travel on their terms while spending less money. 

Zero to Travel is hosted by Jason Moore, a travel expert, that has over 300 episodes of talking with other people who are out exploring the world they live in. Along with a wide variety of guests, Jason tries to tackle topics across the board and has advice ranging from starting and running an online business, ways to earn free travel, the digital nomad life, backpacking, 4-hour work weeks, and how to conquer the fear of success. 

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