Stuart Edge: Making Magic, Music and Movies

Stuart Edge: Making Magic, Music and Movies

Life continues to be a wild ride for YouTube sensation Stuart Edge. From wowing audiences with amazing magic tricks and pranks to creating amazing guitar renditions of Star Wars themes (The Last Shredi) Stuart never ceases to wow and amaze his audiences as he travels the country and world with his unique brand of entertainment. We caught up with Stuart for a few minutes to learn a little more about his background, his travels around the globe in 2018 and some of his tips for living LIFE ON THE MOVE.


If you’re unfamiliar with Stuart, you may be familiar with some of his work that has been ever present in your social media feeds for the past few years:


Back in 2012, Stuart took on some seasonal work cleaning porta-potties, and as jobs often do, this gig went on a little longer than expected. Stuart recalled “during this period, I had a lot of time to think,” and as time went on, he realized that the times that he really felt like he was living a life of meaning was when he was performing. So he bought a modest camera set up and just started filming everything he was doing to see what would work. In the meantime, he found a job as a video editor for a local start up and kept filming his own projects on the side. His first big break came when the “Mistletoe Kissing Prank” video that he made with friends was posted. This was his first prank-style video and up to this point, nothing had really taken, so not too much was expected. “I uploaded the video, then went to bed to get ready for work the next morning. I had no idea that while I was at work, the video was blowing up.” That video accumulated over 1 million views its first day and is now over 28 million views. Not too shabby for a producer who was cleaning porta-potties just months before.

What’s new in 2018?

It’s been six years since that first video took off, and Stuart is still churning out boatloads of content. This year, he is making 7+ videos per month as he travels the world, 12 cities in 12 months. He’ll also be showing some of his acting chops as a lead in a feature film called “Little Women.”

Stuart’s Travel Tips

As someone who is constantly on the move, Stuart knows the importance of travelling smart so he can avoid complications that will slow him down as he is hunting down opportunities to make great content. Here’s are Stuart’s top two travel tips:

    • “This has saved my bacon so many times, travel is all about timing and schedules.” “My crew has learned from (sad) experience that it pays to be on top of our schedules, all the way through getting to the airport in traffic, parking, and security,” and plan for any reasonable contingencies, because you never know what obstacles will come your way.
    • When you commit to an airline or hotel, you can better take advantage of their loyalty programs. “I’m often able to upgrade to better seats just because I stick with one airline.” You can also better take advantage of credit card points, hotel points and members only deals. “It sometimes takes a little while to see the benefits, but when they come, it’s worth it.”