Top Holiday
Packing Tips

For Family Travel

Packing for the whole family is no joke. If you’re like me, you’ve got 1 to 2 kids depending on you to make this the best vacation possible and one child that needs their favorite dinosaur shirt or a meltdown may happen. The truth is that family travel doesn’t need to be stressful! To avoid feeling overwhelmed and to start your holiday travel with kids off on the right foot, we’ve come up with some of the best packing tips when traveling with the fam this holiday season.

1. Get A Head Start

Just like holiday shopping, it’s never a bad idea to start the packing process early. Begin prepping by thinking about what needs to get done before you leave. Write a list and check it twice (Download a helpful notes app like Evernote or the Notability app). Cross off this list as you go. You’ll thank yourself for this when you’re not running around for those last minute items right before it’s time to go. 

2. Think Light

Packing light items is going to maximize your space big time. Light jackets, comfortable traveling gear, (check out BYLT premium basics) mini umbrella, collapsible stroller, and packing 1-2 pairs of shoes per person is going to create a more comfortable packing experience and also leave more room for items/gifts on the way back home. Check out ON Running shoes for the ultimate comfort while traveling by car or plane.

3. Packing cubes save the day

Packing Cubes are THE secret weapon when packing with kids. Each child has their own packing cube for easy packing and unpacking when you arrive at your destination. For an even more functional idea, bring a Laundry Bag along to keep dirty clothes separate and easily throw it all into the washer when you return home.

4. Combine that sucka

Don’t use one luggage piece per child. You might think that each family member having their own bag would keep things simple. Maybe it does for you. But, we’ve found that there is much joy and satisfaction in combining! We packed up all 3 kids' clothing/items into one suitcase and would do it again and again. Having the kids share a suitcase not only helps to minimize the bags to keep track of while traveling, but it also helps to create less of a mess on the hotel room floor and reduces the time of playing tetris with luggage in the trunk of the car or overhead container. ;)

5. Pack smarter, not harder

Designate one bag or piece of luggage to keep close, and fill with preventative meltdown lifesavers. Fill this bag with all the goodies such as snacks, extra pairs of kids clothes, diapers/wipes, chargers, hand sanitizer (All Day Armor Hand Sanitizer), and first aid kit to have your essentials for the kids (and yourself) quickly at hand.

6. Elevate Every Moment

Relax and HAVE FUN! Yes traveling with kids can be stressful, but think of the memories that are about to happen. Get inspired and stay organized with these tips to help make the journey more seamless and to elevate your vacation experience. Safe travels and Happy Holidays!