Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers


Because travelers value experiences, they can be a hard group to pick out gifts for, but we've got you covered with our holiday gift guide for travelers. With everything from the perfect toiletry bag to a travel jacket with a zipper pull that doubles as a pen, you're sure to win the holidays this year. 


Versatile Travel Pack

This Travel Pack functions perfectly as an everyday bag with all the pockets you need to hold everything (including a secret pocket to hold cash or IDs) and when you go on a trip, it expands an extra 10 liters with enough space to hold your clothes, shoes and toiletries. This way you can pack for a trip without worrying if you moved your charger from your daily bag to your travel bag — it's already packed.

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Travel Guide App

Have a friend who loves travel, but hates planning? Journy is an awesome new app that pairs travelers one-on-one with an expert to custom-build an itinerary complete with accommodations, activities, restaurant reservations and everything in between—all tailored to a traveler's unique preferences. At a flat rate of $25 or $50 per travel day, it's the best way to jetset stress-free—and it makes for the perfect experiential holiday gift to put your NOMATIC luggage to good use. 

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travel gift travel guide app


25-Feature Travel Jacket

When you're traveling, you need a jacket that does more than just keep you warm. That's why BauBax's travel jacket includes a built-in eye mask, an inflatable neck pillow, pen, passport pocket and 20+ other features. Basically it's combining over $1,000 of travel accessories into one stylish jacket.

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travel gift jacket

Portable Polaroid Printer

The Polaroid POP Instant Print Digital Camera lets you print cool vintage pictures on the go. You can snap the photo with the camera or print photos from your phone using wifi. You can even add text, filters, stickers and more before printing in the classic Polaroid form.

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travel gift photo printer


Reusable Barista Cup

When you travel, you use an extra amount of disposable items. Reduce the amount of cups thrown into landfills by asking baristas to fill your cup with this reusable number instead. It gets bonus points for having a sealable lid to avoid spills on turbulent flights or bumpy car rides.

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travel gift cup


Cordless Shaver

If that 4 o'clock shadow hits, this portable shaver saves the day. Whether you need to use this before a meeting or after a flight, this slim, portable charger is ready to get the job done. Comes with a protective bag and USB charger.

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Cordless shaver



Smell-Resistant Clothing

Unbound Merino uses merino wool to create stylish clothing that stays clean and odor-free no matter how many times you wear it. Seriously, this t-shirt can be worn for nearly 50 days - through long plane rides, hikes and camping trips, and even out on the town - before needing a wash. Plus, it's soft and comfy as can be.

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Toiletry Bag

So many toiletry bags are just one big pocket, but this toiletry bag keeps everything organized. With pockets designed to hold everything, this bag really makes traveling a little more effortless.

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travel gift toiletry kit


Floating Sunglasses

These practically weightless sunglasses are incomparably comfortable. These premium polarized lenses are scratch-resistant, 100 percent UV protected, have an anti-fog coating for maximum clarity, and float so you won't lose them in water. (Plus for the rest of 2019, they're buy one get one free.)

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travel gift sunglasses


Filtered Water Bottle

When you're out-and-about in other places, you need a solution for making sure your water is clean and safe. Epic water filters makes sure you stay hydrated and your water is free of 99.999% of tap water contaminants. Comes in glass, stainless, Nalgene, and kiddo bottles.

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travel gift water bottle filter


Reusable Straw

Another gift perfect for the earth-loving traveler in your life, FinalStraw is a collapsible straw that self-assembles faster than you can say “over the river and through the woods" so you can sip smoothies on the beach without endangering any turtles in the ocean.

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travel gift reusable straw

Portable Computer Charger

Most frequent travelers have a portable phone charger, but what about a portable computer charger (equally as important). Voltaic's TSA-friendly portable battery with a solar recharge option is the perfect gift for your tech-savvy traveler friend.

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travel gift portable computer charger 


Waterless 3-in-1 Shave Gel

Menaji's ClearShave gel works as your pre-shave, aftershave, and allows you to shave without water. This means it's easy to groom on-the-go.

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travel gift waterless shave gel


Zip-off Sweatpants

RareActive is basically a jacket for your legs. They zip off and are designed to go over shoes. Plus, the fleece lining makes them super soft and cozy so they are the perfect thing to slip on for a flight and off for your workout.

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travel gift zip off pants