Iceland Group Road Trip for $404.23 each (including nonstop flight, lodging, car)

Iceland Group Road Trip for $404.23 each (including nonstop flight, lodging, car)

Most people agree that the only way to see Iceland is by road tripping. Iceland’s attractions are spread out across vast and beautiful lands and it’s delightful to watch the green cliffs and volcanic rocks through your windshield, with the freedom to stop and see each and every waterfall up close.

And right now is the perfect time to make it happen. Airplane tickets are super cheap and it’s the peak season for checking out the Northern Lights. So here’s how to make you Icelandic dreams happen at a dream price.

Airline Tickets

Right now, WOW Air has some great deals. You can mess around with the dates to find what works for you. We found some of these deals as late as March. Our costs are all calculated for round trip.

Boston – Reykjavik $199.98  

Sample dates: Nov 26-Dec 7, Dec 8-Dec 15

Chicago – Reykjavik $199.98

Sample dates: Dec 9-Dec 14

Washington D.C. – Reykjavik  $219.98

Sample Dates: Nov 27-Dec 6

New York – Reykjavik $229.98

Sample Dates: Dec 4-Dec 12, Dec 10-Jan 11

Los Angeles – Reykjavik $259.98

Sample Dates: Nov 27-Dec 4, Dec 4-Dec 14

Note: In order to get these low prices, you’ll have to pack everything in a personal item. This can be done. We recommend using the NOMATIC travel pack to maximize your space. You’ll be amazed by how much you can fit in it. It’s 20 L but expands to 30 L. Plus it comes with compression cubes that make your belongings fit in a smaller space.


Airbnbs are lovely in Iceland and a great price. Book one for your entire stay in a central location or book a few along the path of your road trip. There are many available with plenty of beds for your crew for under $180/night.

Sample Airbnb Rental: A cottage near the Golden Circle with six beds costs $103 per night (during our sample dates) plus an $80 service fee and a $103 cleaning fee. So the total cost is $697.

Pro Tip: Since Iceland is a frozen island, they rely on imports which means food costs can be high. We like Airbnbs because many have kitchens. This means you can buy groceries and cook the food yourself, significantly reducing the amount you spend on food.

Car Rental

A small car like a Hyundai i10 or a Fiat 500 costs only about $25 per day. For example, if you’ll be in Iceland for 5 days, you can book a car for $120 total, or $24 a day. (We found this deal through Priceline.)

So what’s the total cost for your Iceland road trip?

Well if you’re flying from Boston to Reykjavik on Nov. 26 and returning Dec. 1 and you’re traveling with three friends, this is what it’s going to cost you:

Flights: 799.92 total (199.98 each)

Lodging: $697 total (174.25 each)

Vehicle: $120 total (30 each)

Total Tip Cost: $1616.92

Total Cost per Person: $404.23 each


So what’s stopping you? Get out there and see Iceland and all her wonders.

Prices are subject to change but are accurate at the time of publication. All prices are in USD.