One Bag Travel Tips:

Travel Bag 40L Edition

Simplify packing and travel efficiently with these one bag travel tips

One bag Travel Tip #1 - Pick the Right gear

One bag travel is a great way to simplify your trip and avoid the hassle of checking luggage. When you're relying on a single bag for an entire trip, it's important to choose a bag built for the job. Here are some things you should look for:

  • Size: The bag should be big enough to fit everything you need for your trip, but not so big that it's too heavy or cumbersome to carry. A good size for one bag travel is 30-40 liters.
  • Durability: The bag should be made from durable materials that can withstand the stress of travel. It should also be water-resistant or waterproof to protect your belongings from the elements.
  • Organization: The bag should have plenty of compartments and pockets to keep your belongings organized. This will help you to find what you need quickly and easily. Look for a bag with a separate compartment for your laptop, a water bottle pocket, and other smaller pockets for things like toiletries and chargers.
  • Comfort: The bag should be comfortable to carry, even when it's fully loaded. It should have padded shoulder straps and a waist strap to distribute the weight evenly. Look for a bag with a padded back and shoulder straps that are adjustable.
  • Features: The bag should have features that make it easy to travel with, such as a laptop sleeve, a water bottle pocket, and a luggage pass-through.

The Travel Bag 40L is made of durable, water-resistant materials and features a number of thoughtful design elements that make it perfect for one-bag travel. It's rear clamshell opening allows you to easily pack and unpack all your belongings at once. It comes with removable waist straps and a laundry bag to keep dirty clothes separated. It has a ton of organizational compartments, including a dedicated laptop sleeve, a tablet sleeve, and multiple pockets for smaller items like shoes and gear.

To make one-bag travel even easier, we also offers a line of compression packing cubes and a toiletry bag that are designed to fit perfectly inside the Travel Bag 40L

One bag Travel Tip #2 - Fold & Roll

Save Some Space
Folding and rolling your clothes are two of the best ways to maximize interior space in carry-on luggage. Most people stick to either rolling or folding their clothes, but doing this to certain items may actually steal your space. Here’s the simple strategy: Roll soft fabrics (like T-shirts) and fold stiff fabrics (like jeans). Carefully pack clothes to maximize your space.

Save Even More Space
Compression Packing Cubes are a great way to reduce the bulk of your clothes even more. They work by using two sets of zippers to forcibly compress your clothes, which can help you to fit more into your single bag. When packing with compression packing cubes, try to layer clothes evenly inside each cube. This helps compress more effectively and not waste edge space.

One bag Travel Tip #3 - wear The big stuff

Wearing bulky clothes and jackets through airport security can help maximize the space in your bag. Coats, sweaters, and shoes can take up a lot of space. Wear them through security and save bag space for your lighter clothes.

One Bag Travel Bundle

One Bag Travel Bundle

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The One Bag Travel Bundle is perfect for traveling light. With a single 40L travel bag, one medium and one large packing cube, and a large toiletry bag, you can fit everything you need for a business or leisure trip with ease. Pack smart and travel worry-free!


  • 40L Travel bag w/Laundry Bag
  • Large Compression Packing Cube
  • Medium Compression Packing Cube
  • Large Toiletry Bag

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