This Airline Will Basically Let You Fly First Class for the Price of Economy

This Airline Will Basically Let You Fly First Class for the Price of Economy

Imagine the luxury of flying in a private jet: plenty of legroom, good food, excellent wifi and skipping the hassle of long airport security lines. What if you could experience this at the same price as a commercial airline ticket? That’s exactly what Aura plans to do. The new airline promises to combine “the luxury and convenience of a private jet with the affordability and reliability of an airline.”

When Aura launches this new experience in 2019, they will fly routes between six major U.S. cities: New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Denver and Atlanta with prices as low as $330.

What does that reasonably-priced ticket get you? Well, Aura promises:

You’ll only need to arrive at the airport 20 minutes before departure

If you’re a frequent flyer, that alone makes Aura a great choice.

Virtual reality entertainment

You can watch new movies and series in high definition IMAX while flying in the sky with virtual reality glasses. You can even take part in a special VR experience that makes you feel like you’re flying on the roof of the aircraft.

Exceptionally fast wifi

Wifi is included in the price of your ticket so you can get work done, surf the web and FaceTime to your heart’s delight.

Gourmet meals and desserts

Fusion tapas, gourmet meats, a sushi bar, drinks and a variety of sweets are all available to satisfy your taste buds on your flight.

Zero-gravity seats

The plane’s zero-gravity AIANAWAVE seats were designed by scientists to allow you to get quality sleep while air traveling.

Seriously, check out this airplane. It’s incredible.

So how do you start living this high life? Well, anyone can purchase tickets for this luxury plane experience, but if you join Aura’s membership program, you’ll enjoy 50 percent off regular ticket prices.

Basically, if you’re living life on the move, this is something you need to know about.  

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