Top Countries to Travel the World With Kids

Top Countries to Travel the World With Kids

Are you planning your next big family trip? It’s not always easy to travel the world with kids, but Nomatic can make it a little easier with our revolutionary travel bags and this list of the best family vacation destinations.

Before we dive in, we would just like to mention that we understand safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to traveling with your kids—whether they’re still little or not. All of the incredible destinations in this article are taken straight from our article about the safest countries to visit.

This way, you can rest easy knowing that you and your family are vacationing in a place of peace and wonder with a low crime rate, enjoyable weather, and a lower risk for fatal accidents and injuries.

Let’s plan your next magical adventure!


Switzerland is perhaps one of the most breathtaking vacation destinations in the entire world, with snow-capped mountains, sparkling lakes, and vibrant, charming cities. This is one of the best family vacation destinations for families who love to immerse themselves in the stunning natural beauty of a foreign country, like Lake Lucerne or the Swiss Alps.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a paradisiacal travel destination fully loaded with enjoyable attractions for all ages. This country in Central America provides travelers with white sand beaches to lounge on, lush jungles to zip line through, and volcanoes to explore.

We recommend that you visit the Arenal Volcano, the Nicoya Peninsula, and Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve. Just remember to fill your Nomatic Toiletry Bag with plenty of bug spray and sunscreen before you head out!

No matter what you and your family are looking for, this destination provides plenty of opportunities to swim with marine life, experience authentic Costa Rican culture, and explore waterfalls and volcanoes till your heart’s content.


Japan is one of the best destinations to travel with kids because it’s safe, rich with history, and provides a balanced selection of activities and sightseeing. When you travel to Japan, you can easily intertwine breathtaking nature with exciting cityscapes.

Behold Mount Fuji in all its natural beauty; visit Fushimi Inari Taisha for a peaceful, historical afternoon; and stand upon the observation deck of the Tokyo Skytree for an unforgettable view of the massive, bustling metropolis. Older kids and adult family members will find plenty to explore in this mecca of technology and innovation as well.

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