When is the Best Time to Visit Florida and What Should You See?

When is the Best Time to Visit Florida and What Should You See?

There is a lot to do in Florida. Visitors seeking pristine, white beaches or the thrills of roller coasters won’t be disappointed. That’s not all, though, because there’s more to Florida than the traditional vacations. From beachside shops to world-class equestrian presentations, Florida is a state where it’s almost impossible to run out of things to do.


We’ve put together a small list of things to do, and when to visit Florida. Let this be a jumping-off point for you as you get ready to explore the Sunshine State.


It’s almost like whoever named this area knew what they were doing in removing the “y” from destiny. Destin is a remarkable resort town that was once a small fishing village. It now features some of the best beaches you’ll find on Florida’s panhandle. Golf courses sit right alongside the Gulf Coast, shops line the beaches, and the nightlife is a nice compromise if you don’t like the big city. While you’re there, make sure you catch a boat to do some deep-sea fishing or scuba below the blue waters.

St. Petersburg

This city has been accurately nicknamed the Sunshine City. Travelers of any type will fall in love with this area of Florida. There’s a blend of things for everybody here. Like most areas of Florida, there are plenty of white, sandy beaches to enjoy, as well as hiking, camping, and kayaking.


If you’re more into the art scene, visit the world-renowned Dali Museum or the Museum of Fine Arts. And if it’s the food you’re looking for, make sure you visit during the local Ribfest.


Miami and its beaches are one of the top places tourists visit throughout the year. We could stop there, but there’s more to this city than just the surf. Miami is a place where you will find a massive mix of cultures, a city where travelers from all over come to mingle; it’s America’s Riviera. In Miami, you’ll experience a world-class nightlife, clubs, amazing restaurants, and of course the architecture.



During the winter, equestrian performers from all over the world come here to compete. Wellington is home to several equestrian venues where you can watch hunters and jumpers as well as dressage horses. These aren’t your standard competitions, either. From late January through May, you will see the world’s best athletes compete for their chance to earn an international title—and possibly and a spot on their country’s Olympic teams.

North Central Florida

There are other parts to this state besides beaches and parks. Often overlooked, North Central Florida is home to exciting cities like Tallahassee and Gainesville, where you’ll discover state-of-the-art museums and theaters. There are also beautiful rivers to kayak down and state parks with natural scenes you won’t find anywhere else in the U.S.

You’re probably wondering why the many theme parks were left out of this. Those are huge parts of Florida tourism, but the places we listed are worth discovering if you’ve never been. Disney will always be waiting for you.


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