Chase Reeves: Review of the NOMATIC Travel Bag

Chase Reeves: Review of the NOMATIC Travel Bag



Chase Reeves has reviewed hundreds of backpacks and everyday carry items. AKA, he knows what's up. So want to know his unbiased review of the NOMATIC Travel Pack? Hold onto your horses. He's got a lot of thoughts.


Lots of space and organization

First and foremost, Chase brings up the fact that there are so many places to store all your stuff and keep you organized. He said, "Number one point is this: tons of space and organization for your techie type of stuff." 


Lifetime durability

Chase is someone who's got his hands on lots of bags, so he's aware of high-quality manufacturing. Here's what he said about the NOMATIC Travel Bag: “The stitching and the important bits seems to be reinforced in all the right ways. I don’t see this bag, with this material and this manufacturing, is breaking down on you anytime soon, and if it ever does, they have a lifetime warranty on any manufacturer defect.”

Easy to carry

“This is a very easy bag to carry. I love that about it.” He elaborated, "It is boxy and bulky to carry. However, with the included hip straps, that makes it very comfortable because the rigid nature of the bag helps your hips to support a lot of the weight so you’ll find, as I did, it’s very comfortable to carry."

40L travel bag

Plenty of space

At 40 liters, the NOMATIC Travel Bag has plenty of space. Chase said, “There’s so much capacity on the bag, you do not need to pack it all the way full — that way you have space for when you get to where you’re going and you pick up a little tchotchke, a little present for the kid, bring something back for the girlfriend, whatever, you can fit it in your bag.”

Accessible laptop sleeve

Simply put, Chase said of the laptop sleeve: "Very easy to get my laptop in and out of it."

The good news is the laptop sleeve is TSA-ready, meaning you won't even have to take it out when you go through airport security. Just unzip and open the flap and you can avoid juggling bins.

Awesome handle

Chase Reeves cares a lot about handles. "You know I get handsy with my handles," he said. “When you’re using a bag all the time, you’re constantly using grab handles to throw your bag into luggage compartments."

Specifically, he thinks they're important for improving your travel experience. He said, "You know you’re doing that thing on the airplane where you’ve got to grab your bag really quick because everybody behind you is pissed off already. You need a good handle for that shit and this is a great one.”

He really had a lot to say about the handles. But in summation, "This is a great handle. Big, thick, it’s got some neoprene and padding in there and it feels nice.”


Great backpack straps

"This is exceptional to carry as a backpack," Chase stated simply and then painted a picture of how useful this type of carry is. He said, "Going from the airports, going in the rickshaws, going into all sorts of other shit, you're gonna like carrying this thing with the backpack with the straps."

Basically: "You're gonna love the way it carries when you've got it on with the backpack straps. You're gonna really like that."


Unique water bottle pocket

First off, Chase reminded viewers that you don't want to go without a water bottle pocket on your bag: "You're always glad when you got a water bottle pocket on your bag when you're traveling."

But the water bottle pocket on the NOMATIC Travel Bag is unique because the pocket entirely encloses your water bottle and can be repurposed to carry wet clothes or other liquids.

Here's Chase's take: "I think that's a fine way of putting it together because it doesn't hang off the bag and stuff like that. That's kind of cool."



Want to know what else Chase had to say about the NOMATIC 40L Travel Bag? Watch his full review here: