Christmas Packing 101

Christmas Packing 101


Packing for holiday travel can be a challenge for even the most proficient packers. Not only do you need to be prepared for formal holiday dinners and family parties, but there’s also the matter of packing all of your cards and gifts for the annual gift exchange. If you’re taking a trip this holiday season, make things easier on yourself and pack your bags like a pro with these holiday packing tips.

Make a List

Ahh, the classic packing list—a crucial first step to any successful trip. This step is especially important when it comes to packing for a holiday adventure, so don’t skip it!

First, jot down all of the special events that you need to pack for, like your aunt’s ugly sweater brunch or your formal family dinner. Make a list of items for each occasion and build the rest of your list from there, finishing with basics and winter essentials.

If you can, make this list a few days in advance so you have plenty of time to mull it over and add anything to the list that you may have forgotten to include.

Pack Light

It wouldn’t be holiday travel without horribly long lines, delayed flights, and lost luggage at the airport. By packing extra light, you can make things a whole lot easier and a lot less stressful as you travel this holiday season.

Are you the type to overpack? Don’t worry! We’ve included a few tips to help you pack light:

  • Use a Nomatic Vacuum Bag to save loads of space by compressing all of those ugly Christmas sweaters, puffy winter wear, and cozy pink bunny pajamas.
  • Pack neutral, versatile clothing that can be mixed and matched to make several different outfits with just a few items. If you have access to a washer and dryer during your trip, take advantage of it! This way, you can wash and re-wear clothing instead of packing a whole new outfit for each day of your trip.
  • Instead of wasting space on a bunch of toiletries, wait until you arrive at your destination and buy the travel-sized items that you can use and toss before you head home. If you’re staying with family, you may not even have to buy any toiletries—you can just use theirs! That’s what family is for, right? If you’re staying at a decent hotel, take advantage of the complimentary toiletries that are provided.

Ship Your Gifts

One of the major complications of holiday travel is finding a way to fit all of your gifts inside your luggage. If at all possible, skip this stress and ship your gifts to your destination instead! This will free up a lot of room in your luggage, which you’re going to need in order to bring your own gifts home.

If packing your gifts and taking them with you is a must, keep that in mind while you’re shopping so you can opt for smaller items that you can squeeze into tight spots. When it comes time to travel, try and stash your gifts in your carry-on to avoid loss, theft, or damage.

Get the Right Luggage

Packing can become incredibly frustrating if you’re stuffing a week’s worth of essentials and gifts into one duffel bag or a bulky suitcase with a rebellious wheel. Having the right luggage can make all the difference when it comes time to pack up and take off, so make sure you’re properly equipped for the journey.

Splurge on a nice luggage set or opt for one high-quality travel bag that has all of the pockets and compartments you need to keep your things organized, like the Nomatic 40L Travel Bag. You can even throw in a few smaller bags and inserts to step up your packing game and keep your things totally organized throughout your entire trip. And, if you’re worried about others seeing the gifts you’ve packed, hide your gifts in small black bags or zip-up compartments.

Pack smart this holiday season with Nomatic travel bags and gear. By combining the right luggage with these holiday packing tips, you can reduce stress and save space in your bags for all of your gifts and goodies.

Happy holidays!