May 03, 2019

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Hate Packing? Try These 7 Tricks From Marie Kondo.

Here’s 7 Marie Kondo packing tricks to help you get organized and stay organized while you travel. (Plus, not hate packing).

We are definitely living in a Marie Kondo world. After her book received international success and rolled into a Netflix series, it seems like everyone is cleaning out their closets, cupboards, and hard drives. And why not? The whole purpose of tidying up is to spark joy in your life.

But can you really find joy in those chores you hate doing? For example, when packing? According to the packing expert herself, yes, you can. You just need to do it the right way. Here is Marie Kondo’s step-by-step guide to finding joy when packing — so you can have even more joy on your journey.

1. Use the right suitcase

A bag that’s simply a stuff sack is frustrating to keep organized while you’re out and about and an enormous checked bag for a weekend at the beach means dragging around more than you need. So packing MariKon-style means starting with the right bag.

We recommend trying out these styles because the organization is optimal — just like the packing master likes it:

20L-30L Expandable Travel Pack

This bag works great as an everyday bag, with spots for all your daily items like your laptop and keys, but expands to reveal a dedicated shoe pocket and space for your clothes and toiletries. The fact that it’s one bag for multiple uses means you can do more with less — very Marie Kondo.

30L Travel Bag

You will love the pockets specifically designed to hold shoes, cords, passports, etc. The prime organization means you can actually pack a lot more in less space.

40L Travel Bag

If you need a little more space your trip, the 40L Travel Bag gives you all the benefits of the 30L but with expanded capacity.

2. Lay everything out

Rather than just throwing all your stuff in your bag as you remember it (Did I pack a swimsuit? Guess I’ll throw an extra pair of shorts in, just in case), Marie Kondo recommends laying out everything you’re going to bring on your trip before you start putting them in the bag. This way you’ll be able to pack everything in a way that maximizes your space.

3. Only bring items that spark joy

If you know anything about the KonMari method, you know you’ve got to pare your belongings down to only things that “spark joy.” So when you’re packing your suitcase, don’t bring that shirt that you think you might wear even though you don’t really like it. Only pack things you know you’ll use.

4. Fold it right

There’s an entire chapter in Marie Kondo’s book on folding. Excessive? Maybe. Effective? Definitely.

The key when folding your clothes for packing is to fold vertically. This way, you can see everything when you open your suitcase, meaning you can find what you need without making a mess.

5. Use containers

For travel, Marie Kondo recommends to organizing items in bags and pouches to keep cords from tangling, toiletries from getting lost, and shoes from getting everything else dirty. For this reason, we recommend packing with NOMATIC Travel Bag which has all those pockets built right into the bag.

Not in the market for a new travel bag? Use compression cubes to keep everything organized and save on space.

6. Keep 10 percent of your bag empty

Kondo also suggests leaving 10 percent of your suitcase empty to bring home treasures you collected in your travels.

7. Make unpacking part of trip

MariKon’s entire philosophy is built around sparking joy, but there are some things we don’t love to do, but still have to — like unpacking. Here’s what Marie said about that: “Try reframing your thoughts and view the unpacking process as part of the trip itself, which helps bring energy to complete the task.”

Bonus: Delete, delete

The Marie Kondo method doesn’t only apply to what you put in your suitcase. Marie is equally as vigilant in tidying up her digital documents. These means scrupulously going through all those photos you took and only keeping those that bring you joy.

February 11, 2018

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How to Pack All Your Electronics for Travel

For some people, packing for a trip is a treat. You get to set everything out, think about how you will use each item and organize them accordingly. For many of us, the process might start out that way in our heads but then ends with us trying to cram phones in sneakers and worrying about overstuffed suitcases bursting as we race to catch a flight or a ride.

No matter what type of packer you are, getting your electronics sorted out for travel is an important step before heading to the airport, train station or the open road. Organizing all of your gear in advance will help you a lot as you go. The last you want to do is rummage through all your tightly packed clothes trying to find your e-reader while another passenger sleeps next to you. Start with a plan, keep it simple, and you will be ready to go. Literally.

First, Face Facts
The first thing you want to do is lay out or list all the electronics you are considering taking. Seeing them all out together or on a list will give you an idea of how much you plan to bring so you can get an idea of the space and organization you will need.

All the electronics laid out on a table

The next step is to ask yourself some questions. First, will you use each item, and how will you use it? If your tablet and phone can do what you might do on your laptop during your trip or vice versa, then leaving behind the superfluous devices could save you some valuable space.

Once you decide what you are taking, make sure you have the right plugs and chargers. If you are traveling internationally, search online for any plug and voltage adaptors you will need. Pack those with the cords to keep things simple.

Then, Make a Plan

The next thing you want to think about is when you will use each device. If you take your camera but won’t use it until you reach the hotel, then consider packing it in a more interior and secure spot in your bag. If you want to use your e-reader on the plane, then make sure you can get to it easily without having to rummage through your bag.

If you are traveling through TSA security screenings at the airport, make sure laptops and other electronics that have to be pulled out can be accessed for that purpose. Having the case in line with your bag’s zipper or pocket opening helps save time as you scramble to get your shoes and belt off and empty your pockets.

Finally, Make it Easy on Yourself

One of the best things you can do, especially if you travel frequently, is to get the right gear for your gear. Having a bag that allows you to do all the above and stay organized will reward you throughout your travels.

Traveling lightly is an incredibly liberating experience. If you don’t feel weighed down by your stuff, you can enjoy your trip more, especially the transit part of traveling. To do this, get a bag that can fit all your stuff and keep you organized. Of all the bags out there, this bag from Nomatic checks all the boxes. You can stay organized, pack a surprising amount of stuff, and feel mobile and free to roam. Nomatic's accessories can also help keep you organized while on the move. You will thank yourself for making the purchase everytime you reach into this incredible bag.
December 05, 2017

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Best Way to Pack a Suitcase

Do you have a go-to packing technique for those short trips that require light packing? If you’re like most people, you probably do. However, do you ever think that maybe there’s a better way to pack? Consider the following 10 packing techniques for advice on how you can improve your efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to packing a suitcase.

1. “The Roll”

Rolling clothes is widely referred to as the best space-saving technique, especially if you’re headed on a trip that requires several different outfits or clothing items of significantly different sizes. The only con to “The Roll” is that clothes can often have wrinkles when unrolled.  

2. “The Bundle”

Bundling wrinkle-prone clothes with less-wrinkle prone clothes doesn’t just help to save space, but it also helps to keep your clothes as wrinkle-free as possible. To master this technique, strategically stack your clothes with items you’re ok having wrinkles on the bottom (i.e. undershirts, underwear, workout gear, etc.) and wrapping them with your most wrinkle-prone garments on top. This technique isn’t ideal if you’re going on a trip that requires quick and easy access to specific items, but it’s great for packing clothes that tend to wrinkle.

3. “The Burrito”

“The Burrito” requires you to fold each individual clothing item into itself. Don’t make this technique your go-to if you’re traveling on a tight timeline, as it takes time to pack and unpack. However, if time is on your side, “The Burrito” is the perfect space-saving technique and can help you get a lot of items into a small piece of luggage.

4. “The Compress”

Want to keep your clothes as clean as possible during your travels while still maintaining an organized bag and wrinkle-free outfits? “The Compress” method could be your new go-to. With space-saver compression bags or NOMATIC vacuum bags you can either use a machine to help suck the air out of the clothes-filled bag, or roll the bag to get the air out. This time-consuming method is ideal for saving space if you’ve got a lot of bulky garments, but you can only fit a few items in each bag.

5. “The Cube”

A perfect method for hyper-organizers and those who portray OCD-like tendencies, “The Cube” technique requires you to sort your clothing by type and group similar outfits together. Not only does this help to prevent wrinkles, but it’s also perfect for trips that require easy packing and unpacking. Be aware, however, while “The Cube” technique is effective, it’s not very efficient in terms of saving valuable suitcase space.

In addition to these innovative packing techniques, consider the following tips to help your next packing venture go smoothly:

  • Instead of rolling belts, wrap them around the interior perimeter of your bag.
  • Use the “Rule of Three” when packing light; three shirts, three pants, three shoes (dress, sneaker, casual sandal), etc.
  • If you’re using a layered packing technique, separate layers with a dry cleaning bag. They don’t take up much space and, you can simply lift the bag to easily access certain layers of clothes.
  • Keep shoes in a gallon-sized zippable bag and place them along the sides of your bag to save space and keep clothes clean
  • Before you commit to a certain packing technique, gather all of the clothing items and other accessories you’ll need on your trip. Lay these belongings out on your bed or floor to see exactly what you’re working with and make your decision based on that.

By having the perfect travel bag, you won’t have to worry about the minor details that can make or break efficient packing. With a Travel Bag from NOMATIC or our NOMATIC Garment Bag, you can benefit from innovative design features that make packing for travel a breeze. Visit NOMATIC to get buy the world’s most functional travel bag, today.

November 17, 2017

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How to Pack a Carry-On For a Business Trip

If regular travel is part of your career, you need tips for best practices to get you to your destination as efficiently as possible. How you pack your bags is a large part of the equation that will affect how quickly you’re able to get from one place to the next.

Packing for business travel can be an anxiety-inducing task unless you’re a seasoned pro. You have to pack the wardrobe you’ll need, toiletries, and bring a mobile office with you. It’s very different from packing for a vacation. Most of us have strict schedules to keep when traveling for business purposes. And because of tight schedules, efficiency is key. You want to pack as minimally as possible, keeping necessities quickly accessible, to make transitions from your flight to ground transportation to your hotel as efficient as possible.

Never Check A Bag

Checking bulky luggage almost always creates more hassle than it’s worth. There is the additional time when you arrive at the airport to check the bag, time spent at the baggage carousel at your destination, and there’s always the possibility of your belongings being damaged, or waiting for lost luggage. In business travel, efficiency is the name of the game. Once you arrive at your destination you’re likely on a schedule, and you can’t afford the extra time and the possibility of losing your belongings because of checked luggage.

You should never need to check a bag, even for a two-week trip overseas. With only a carry-on bag you can go directly from long-term parking to the security checkpoint, then to your flight’s gate. Once the flight lands you can go directly to ground transportation and get to the work that brought you there in the first place. If you haven’t already committed yourself to this practice, make the decision now to never again check your luggage.  

Use the Right Travel Bag!

Not all travel bags are created equally. Your belongings should be well-organized and easily accessible when you’re on the road or in the air. Have you ever had to open the large compartment of your luggage to weed through all of your carefully folded and packed belongings just to find one small item? We all have and it’s a frustrating predicament when you’re at the airport, or even worse, on your flight. Pockets, compartments, pouches, straps, and zippers matter.

What Makes Our Travel Bag Different?

There are a number of features of the Nomatic Travel Bag that set it apart from all the rest. It is engineered to pack all of your essential belongings as compactly and optimally as possible. We know what items are the most essential for travel, and there’s a spot for it in the Nomatic Travel Bag. It’ll be the only bag you’ll ever need for traveling. Here are just a few of its unique features:

  • Strap SystemEasily adjustable to switch between a duffle bag and a backpack—with no dangling straps!

  • Bottle PocketLocated on the top of the backpack for easy access to your water bottle. Your belongings stay dry, and you stay hydrated.

  • Laundry BagHang it on a doorknob when you’re at the hotel, zip it shut to keep dirty and clean clothes neatly separated on the flight home.

  • Shoe CompartmentAccessible from the bottom of the bag, keeping clothing and valuables protected from your shoes.

  • Laptop/TabletPadded pockets for both a laptop and tablet so you can keep all your gear in one bag, rather than traveling with a carryon bag and a briefcase.

  • RFID Protected/Cord ManagementKeep your scannable items protected in the RFID protected pocket. Your charging cords and headphones will be tangle-free and easily-accessible in this side storage area.

  • And more!

Pack Less Than You Need

After you’ve packed everything, go back and remove ten percent of it. Nearly everyone returns home with unworn clothing, or a book that was never read. If the item isn’t necessary, leave it at home. Minimalism is the name of the game.

Question every single item you pack. Do you really need to pack toiletries, or can you purchase only what you’ll need at your destination? Pack just enough clothing and other belongings to get you through your trip. Chances are, you really don’t need an extra button-down or polo shirt “just in case.” If you don’t have enough clothing to last through your stay, utilize on-site laundry services.

Pack neutral colored clothing so everything can mix and match. This eliminates the need to pack several separate outfits for different occasions. Bring multi-functional clothing that can be worn to meetings, seminars, cocktail receptions, and even dinners. Be sure that even your accessories are versatile.

Buy A Nomatic Travel Bag

Make your next business trip more productive by packing your carry on bag as efficiently as possible.  Free yourself from the bulky luggage and over-packing habits. Buy a Nomatic travel bag today and be sure to check out our travel accessories, and see the difference it can make in your business travel needs!