The Ultimate Thailand Packing List

The Ultimate Thailand Packing List

Figuring out what to pack for your trip to Thailand can be overwhelming. But we've crowdsourced information as well as traveled to Thailand ourselves to give you firsthand knowledge of what to pack for your trip.

What to Pack for Thailand



Slip on sandals

In Thailand, you’ll be constantly taking your shoes on and off. Whether you’re stepping into a temple, someone’s home, or even some parts of your hotel, you’ll be grateful to have a pair of shoes that’s easy to take on and off.

We recommend a pair that doubles as a good walking/hiking shoe such as:

Rain jacket

Even if you’re not going in Thailand’s rainy season (which is May to October) there’s still the possibility of rain. We recommend a lightweight rain jacket that will keep you dry without getting overheated.

Weather-resistant bag

Even more important than keeping your body dry, is keeping your stuff dry. Nothing will ruin your trip more than your cell phone or camera getting a hearty helping of rain. We recommend this travel pack that expands to hold your gear but can shrink to act as an everyday bag when you're out-and-about.

Activated charcoal

You don’t want to miss out on all the incredible flavors of Thailand, but foreign food doesn’t always sit well in the bellies of travelers. Many people use activated charcoal to keep their bodies running well (while still eating all the curry and pad Thai their hearts desire).

Conservative warm-weather clothes

Pack your warm-weather clothing because it’s going to be hot. However, much of Thailand is pretty conservative. For example, many Buddhist temples require visitors to have shoulders and knees covered.

We recommend bringing breezy shirts, long shorts, and dresses in light colors.

packing for thailand

Bathing suit

Gotta have it for jumping under those gorgeous waterfalls or swimming at the beach.

Type C converter

You might be able to get away without using a converter at all because many outlets are the same as the U.S. However, if you want to play it safe, a universal converter or Type C converter is the way to go.


If you’re planning to visit temples in Thailand (trust me, if you're in Thailand, you’re going to visit temples), you’ll need to dress appropriately. Some temples require you to have covered shoulders, midriff and ankles. However, others aren’t so strict. A sarong is a great way to modify your clothing when you enter a temple. Plus, it doubles as a great towel or bathing suit cover up.

Bug spray and sunscreen

There’s bugs. There’s sun. Keep yourself protected.

Money belt

Keep your money and identification safe with a money belt that fits under your clothes.

Tip: If you forget anything, you can find it pretty cheap there in Thailand — so don't worry.

What Real People Packed for Thailand

packing list for thailand

packing list for thailand

packing list for thailand

packing list for thailand


What Bag Should You Pack for Thailand In? 

bag to pack for thailand


30L travel bag

The things you'll pack for Thailand don't take much space. This 30L travel bag is awesome because it keeps everything organized — meaning you can actually pack a lot in a smaller space. If you think you'll need a little extra space (for example, many men prefer a few extra liters because their clothing takes up more space) the 40L version has many of the same features. Both have a waterproof pocket, tech panel, RFID-safe pouch, and are TSA-ready.

Expandable travel pack

A great bag because it can double as your suitcase and your daypack. The expansion opens like a suitcase to allow you to organize your clothes and shoes. Then, when you arrive at your hotel in Thailand, you can take your clothes out, and condense the bag to hold essentials like your water bottle, sunscreen, towel. This bag also has features like an RFID-safe pouch and a TSA-ready flap. Check it out here.