Pack Like a Pro: How To Maximize Luggage Space

Pack Like a Pro: How To Maximize Luggage Space

Whether you’re jetting off on a city break or a beach vacation, it can often feel like your suitcase simply isn’t up to the challenge of accommodating all your various holiday essentials, no matter which packing technique you swear by. 

That’s why our friends at Optima Villas are discussing some packing tips to help you maximize space in your suitcase when packing for your next holiday. We’ll leave you with some actionable advice that’s sure to help you avoid extra stress before the holiday, or unpleasant added charges at the airport — so you can enjoy your trip from start to finish.


Pack in the right order


Something as simple as packing in the right order can make a big difference when it comes to packing for your getaway. Start by packing your heavier clothing items — such as jeans — on the bottom of the case, then lay thinner shirts on top. Not only does this help everything fit better, but leaving more delicate items near the top will prevent the weight of bulkier clothes from squashing clothes underneath and forming wrinkles (a welcome bonus).


Pick one color family


A top tip for packing less is to pick one color family for all the clothes you pack. From neutrals to pastels and brights, keeping with a theme will help you pack fewer clothes because you won’t have to worry that your trousers are mismatched with the shirts you’ve packed.



Bundle your items


Shoes occupy a lot of suitcase space, but they can do double duty when stuffed full of small items like jewelry (in a zip-lock bag), ties (rolled up), or socks and underwear (in a plastic bag).


Find the hidden space (with this trick)


If you have a few overflow items that don’t seem like they’ll fit, try closing and zipping your suitcase completely, then reopen your bag and try placing these items in any available spots — think corners and spaces between larger items. Often, once you’ve compressed the bag by zipping it shut, you’ll find a bit more room once you open it again.


Use packing cubes


Save room with vacuum bags, shirt organizers, or packing cubes, all of which use different methods to achieve the tightest fold and result in fewer gaps — making this method perfect for your packing needs.



Repurpose contact cases and cotton balls


Bulky makeup bottles and palettes can take up precious space and weigh your suitcase down — and it’s likely you’ll only use a small portion of these items on your trip. With this in mind, pour a bit of your foundation and face cream into a clean contact case to save space or try covering cotton swabs in eye shadow and storing them in a plastic bag to avoid taking the whole palette. Adopting these simple yet savvy tricks could make the difference when it comes to avoiding extra charges at the airport.


Wear the bigger stuff


Chunky clothing items such as sweatshirts and sneakers take up a large amount of space in your luggage, so save room for other outfits by wearing the bulkier items as you travel. You can always remove pieces en route, but you may find that you need the extra layer on a chilly plane anyway. 


Pack a scarf


Save space in your suitcase by cutting down on jackets — which are generally among

the bulkiest items in our luggage. However, even in the summer, you might find yourself shivering during cool afternoons or on a nighttime stroll through the city. A savvy way to solve this issue: replace your usual zip-up with a scarf or shawl, which will roll up nicely and can be stuffed into a smaller space.


Use an expandable bag


If all else fails, it may be time to consider investing in an expandable bag. The best way to fit more into your bag is to have a suitcase that grows with your packing needs. If you’re often found cramming things into your suitcase every time you’re off on holiday, this may be the game-changing solution you’ve been looking for.


Whether you’re worried you won’t have enough outfit options for an unexpected weather change or a fashion emergency, we hope you’ll now feel equipped to tackle all of your packing issues and effortlessly fit everything you need into your holiday suitcase.


Author: Nick Ball is Marketing Manager at Optima Villas and has lived on the island of Lanzarote since 2001.