How to Pack a Carry On: Pack for Two Weeks in a 40 Liter Bag

How to Pack a Carry On: Pack for Two Weeks in a 40 Liter Bag


As someone living life on the move, you need to know how to pack a carry on. Traveling takes long enough without waiting around the baggage carousel for your suitcase to appear on the conveyor belt.

But living the luxury of just grabbing your bag and and heading out to your destination takes some strategy. Here are some hacks that will get all your stuff in one bag and you out the door.

How to pack a carry on:

Buy stuff there

Even if you’re traveling to another country, you’ll probably be able to pick up basics when you arrive. Don’t waste space on body wash when you can pick up some soap from a grocery store when you arrive.

Wear it

Sometimes, to pack a carry on, the secret is not to pack it. In other words, if you need to bring a parka on your trip to Iceland, your best option is to wear it on your body instead of letting it eat up the precious space in your carry on.

Get a bag built for organization

Some bags actually inhibit your ability to successfully pack a carry on. Choose a bagthat has a separate compartment for your shoes and pockets designed specifically for all your tech and cords. Bags like this allow you to maximize space in a way that your old duffel can’t.

Make the most of dead space

When they’re planning how to pack a carry on, too often they forget about prime real estate in the dead spaces of their bag. For example, the inside of your shoes holds plenty of vacant space perfect for stuffing socks.

Use compression cubes

Compression cubes are the easiest way to save on space. Just put your clothes in and use the zipper to compress everything nice and small. Not only do compression cubes reduce space, but they keep your bag organized.

Roll and fold

Most people stick to either rolling or folding their clothes, but doing this to certain items may actually steal your space. Here’s the simple strategy: Roll soft fabrics (like T-shirts) and fold stiff fabrics (like jeans).

Look basic

Traveling isn’t the time to get fancy. Pack clothes that can fit together in several combinations so you can get away with wearing the same pants with different shirts.


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