How to Pack All Your Electronics for Travel

How to Pack All Your Electronics for Travel

For some people, packing for a trip is a treat. You get to set everything out, think about how you will use each item and organize them accordingly. For many of us, the process might start out that way in our heads but then ends with us trying to cram phones in sneakers and worrying about overstuffed suitcases bursting as we race to catch a flight or a ride.

No matter what type of packer you are, getting your electronics sorted out for travel is an important step before heading to the airport, train station or the open road. Organizing all of your gear in advance will help you a lot as you go. The last you want to do is rummage through all your tightly packed clothes trying to find your e-reader while another passenger sleeps next to you. Start with a plan, keep it simple, and you will be ready to go. Literally.

First, Face Facts
The first thing you want to do is lay out or list all the electronics you are considering taking. Seeing them all out together or on a list will give you an idea of how much you plan to bring so you can get an idea of the space and organization you will need.

All the electronics laid out on a table

The next step is to ask yourself some questions. First, will you use each item, and how will you use it? If your tablet and phone can do what you might do on your laptop during your trip or vice versa, then leaving behind the superfluous devices could save you some valuable space.

Once you decide what you are taking, make sure you have the right plugs and chargers. If you are traveling internationally, search online for any plug and voltage adaptors you will need. Pack those with the cords to keep things simple.

Then, Make a Plan

The next thing you want to think about is when you will use each device. If you take your camera but won’t use it until you reach the hotel, then consider packing it in a more interior and secure spot in your bag. If you want to use your e-reader on the plane, then make sure you can get to it easily without having to rummage through your bag.

If you are traveling through TSA security screenings at the airport, make sure laptops and other electronics that have to be pulled out can be accessed for that purpose. Having the case in line with your bag’s zipper or pocket opening helps save time as you scramble to get your shoes and belt off and empty your pockets.

Finally, Make it Easy on Yourself

One of the best things you can do, especially if you travel frequently, is to get the right gear for your gear. Having a bag that allows you to do all the above and stay organized will reward you throughout your travels.

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