What to Pack for Winter Vacation: Winter Travel Packing List

What to Pack for Winter Vacation: Winter Travel Packing List

Whether you love the season or can’t stand it, wintertime undoubtedly offers an array of opportunities and events that can have you frequently on-the-go. From business travel and family obligations to weekend getaways and school break vacations, you likely find yourself packing your bags more often than you might think.

Perhaps the hardest part of packing for winter trips is ensuring you have all the clothes you’ll need to stay warm and comfortable while you’re away. Unlike summertime trips when a swimsuit, a few shirts, and a couple pairs of shorts are all you need to get by, the bulkiness of most winter clothing can make packing light virtually impossible. Thus, you’re probably wondering what to pack for winter vacation and trips.

Fortunately, with these quick packing tips, you can master the art of the winter travel packing list without worrying about lugging around loads of luggage.

Never Leave Home Without a Hat

Hats are the key ingredient to staying warm in the winter and are a must on our winter travel packing list. While the thought that 70% of your body’s heat escapes through your head is actually a myth (body heat will escape from any part that’s exposed), it is true that keeping your head covered will help your body maintain a regulated temperature. When choosing a hat to take on your winter trips, make sure it covers the base of your skull and your ears. If you’re trying to pack light, you should also try to avoid choosing hats with excess flaps, fluffballs, or other features that could take up valuable space or get snagged in suitcase zippers.

Winter Shoes Are a Must

As clunky as they may seem, winter shoes are a must when you’re traveling. Not only should these shoes be comfortable and safe for slick conditions, but they should also be durable enough to keep your feet warm. Fortunately, there are plenty of stylish boots on the market that doesn’t just look good enough to wear out to dinner but are also strong, warm, and comfortable enough to withstand the demands of hiking through snow and walking on icy streets. When packing for your trip, consider wearing your biggest pair of shoes while traveling and pack smaller shoes (like slippers) in your suitcase as well as warm socks.

Multi-Use Layers Can Be Life Savers

Layering your clothing can be essential in packing light for winter trips. By including these pants and shirts layers in your winter travel packing list, you’ll find that you can create several different outfits out of just a few essential clothing pieces.

  • Thermal underwear: Not only is thermal underwear lightweight and easy to pack, but it can be worn under almost anything. Wear underneath jeans and sweaters when touring around in sub-freezing temps and you’re sure to stay warm. Leggings can also act as a layer of defense against the cold.
  • Sweaters and sweatpants: Sweatpants and sweatshirts can be perfect for chilly mornings around a fire or for low-key evenings and afternoons out.
  • Dark jeans and button-ups: A pair of dark jeans can easily be worn over leggings or thermals and stylishly dressed up or comfortably dressed down depending on the occasion. Similarly, a few long-sleeved button-ups will come in handy no matter what your itinerary holds in store.

In addition to these core layers, you’ll also want to bring along key accessories like wool socks, finger gloves, mittens, and a scarf. All of these items can be easily thrown into a bag and packed down tightly using a vacuum bag to help maximize space.

Choose the Right Bag

Packing light all starts with the right bag. If your travel bag is big and bulky, it totally defeats the purpose and concept of going minimal. The 40L Travel Bag is perhaps the best travel bag for year-round trips. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure this winter, make sure you bring along the 40L Travel Bag along for the ride. This innovative luggage bag features more than 20 different features such as:

  • A built-in laundry bag
  • Book pocket
  • Laptop and tablet pockets
  • A shoe compartment
  • Roller bag sleeve  
  • Cord management compartment
  • Valuables pocket
  • Underwear compartment
  • And much more!

Furthermore, thanks to its durable, waterproof materials, you don’t have to worry about your belongings getting soaked or damaged from winter weather or having a seam bust open at the most inopportune time. With the 40L Travel Bag from NOMATIC, not only can you have success packing light for winter trips, but you can also have peace of mind knowing you have all the gear you need to stay warm and comfortable while on the road. For the icing on the cake, use the NOMATIC Vacuum Bag to ensure no space is left unused.

Shop for your ideal NOMATIC travel bag today and be a pro at knowing what to pack for winter vacations!