Best African Safaris to Go On + What to Pack

Best African Safaris to Go On + What to Pack

For most of us, embarking on an African safari is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The experiences you will have will never be forgotten and the price you pay will be well worth every penny—that is, if you choose the right safari.

In this article, the travel experts of Nomatic have compiled a list of the best African safari trips for you to choose from. The list is organized by price, starting with the least expensive packages and working toward the big bucks. No matter which adventure you pursue from this list, you’re sure to have an indescribable experience and memories that last a lifetime. Review our list of top adventures for details that include price, location, and wildlife, and then check out our list of what to pack for an African safari so you’re fully prepared for the experience of a lifetime. Enjoy!

Wild Rwanda Safaris

This African safari is perhaps the most affordable of its kind. Wild Rwanda Safaris provides travelers with an amazing experience for $1,200 – $2,200 a person. This three-day safari focuses primarily on the silverback gorillas in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. In addition to the National Park, you’ll also get to explore the Batwa Pygmy community directly adjacent to the park. This is a fantastic option for nature lovers on a budget and fans of the remarkable silverback gorillas.

Lion World Travel

When it comes to variety in wildlife and African landscape, Lion World Travel offers the most bang for your buck. This is an incredible excursion that combines a traditional African safari in Botswana with iconic and historical sightseeing in Cape Town, South Africa. In Botswana’s Okavango Delta, you’ll have the opportunity to witness massive hippos and snapping crocodiles. You’ll also get to visit Chobe National Park to see the largest elephant population in all of Africa. Prices start at about $5,000 per individual and the cost covers most of your meals, game drives, international flights, and your room and board at some fine luxury lodges and camps.

Wilderness Safaris

Take a grand journey through the Namib Desert with Wilderness Safaris for remarkable scenery and comfortable accommodations. This African safari trip starts at around $7,100 per person for a 10-day experience through the desert region of Sossusvlei (which was where many of the scenes from “Mad Max: Fury Road” were filmed) and the mountains of Palmwag Concession. On this unforgettable trip, you can expect to see indigenous wildlife up close, including giraffes and black rhinos.


The andBeyond African safari comes highly recommended by recent travelers and U.S. News. For about $11,000 a person, you can spend 12 days in East Africa alongside wildebeest, zebras, and antelope. This safari will take you to Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park and the Masai Mara National Reserve. In addition to a marvelous landscape and wildlife, you’ll also get to see the great Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Victoria. At the end of each exciting day, you’ll retire in upscale lodges, cottages, or even tents for the ultimate primal experience.

Micato Safaris

The Micato Grand Safari is a truly incredible journey that will allow you to behold a great variety of African landscapes and wildlife. The safari begins in Nairobi, Kenya and continues in Masai Mara National Reserve, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, and the Amboseli and Serengeti national parks. This one-of-a-kind excursion includes breathtaking views from aboard a hot air balloon, an abundance of wildlife including zebras and gazelles, and an up-close look at the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. The Micato Grand Safari is definitely one of the greatest African safari trips you can take and is full of variety and beauty. The cost for this experience starts at around $18,800 per individual and provides travelers with upscale lodging.

What to Pack for an African Safari

An African safari trip is much different than your average vacation to a calm beach in Cabo. Use our packing list to make sure you’re fully prepared for the adventure that awaits you.

  • Yellow Fever Health Card, which is absolutely mandatory. You’ll be asked for your card immediately upon arrival, so don’t forget this one! You can obtain a Yellow Fever Health Card from your local primary care physician.
  • Cash. You’ll find no credit card machines along the way, so bring plenty of cash.
  • Earth-tone clothing.
  • Long pants, long sleeves, and durable, worn-in hiking boots.
  • Plenty of insect repellent—the good stuff.
  • Lotions and moisturizers. The African bush is an extremely dry place, and you don’t want dry, cracked hands ruining your trip.
  • A camera—for obvious reasons.


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