Got the Summer Blues? Best Places to Travel This Fall

Got the Summer Blues? Best Places to Travel This Fall

When summertime fun is over, the prospect of heading into a long and cold winter can really bring you down. Thankfully, there are great places to take a fall vacation that can warm you up and lift your spirits. We’ve compiled a list of the best places to visit in the fall and break it down by countries, specific locales, and events to brighten you up. These are our best places to visit in October.


Best Fall Countries to Visit

We’ve compiled a list of the best countries to visit this fall. Put each one on your bucket list and check them out!  

1. Peru

For history and archaeology buffs, Peru is a fascinating locale with many different places to visit. The most famous of these in Machu Picchu, of course, which offers stunning views of Incan ruins high in the Andes Mountains. It is one of the best places to visit in October because the weather is mild and the summer rainy season hasn’t started yet. It’s the perfect time of year to hike and explore all the outdoor attractions Peru has to offer.

2. Denmark

Fall in Denmark isn’t a warm tropical paradise, but it does have beautiful crisp fall air and a landscape that will leave you breathless. The end of summer in Denmark also signals the beginning of the harvest season. There is plenty of great produce available and you can even pick it yourself or head to the local market for some delicious food made with fresh pears and plums. Plus you get to wear your fall fashion while you explore some of the best architecture in Europe. It’s a win-win.


3. Italy

Aside from amazing food, Italy has some incredible charms that can only be accessed in the fall when the summer crowds have subsided. Fall in Italy can vary widely in temperature, which gives you the opportunity to choose what kind of weather you want for your holiday. Temperatures get cooler as you head north, but early October in southern Italy still often reaches the 70’s during the day.

4. Australia

When you consider the best places to visit during October, Australia has to be on your list. While it might be getting colder in the States, it’s just warming up in Oz. Like Italy, you can choose the weather for your trip to Australia. Head north towards Cairns to see the Great Barrier Reef and enjoy some hot weather, or visit the cultural hub of Melbourne for some balmy spring weather, great food, and fantastic art.


5. Malaysia

Looking for a tropical paradise, inexpensive dining options, and great hiking opportunities? Malaysia may just be the perfect destination. The weather is warm year-round and the entire country is covered in dense equatorial rainforest, which makes for some impressive plant and wildlife viewing. If relaxing on the beach is more your speed, then the white sand and clear ocean waters are sure to entice you.


Best Fall Locations to Visit

While having a general idea of what country to visit is great, having a specific location in a country is better. We’ve compiled a few amazing locales that are great for your fall vacation.

1. Paso Robles, California, USA

You need to relax after a long summer and there’s no better way than heading to wine country. While most people flock to the Napa Valley, Paso Robles offers an excellent experience—without the crowds. Enjoy copious amounts of craft beer and wine amidst the beautiful backdrop of the California hills and you’ve got a relaxing adventure in the making.  


2. Tulum, Mexico

Late October is the perfect time to head to the beaches of Tulum. The rainy season has just finished, and unlike some of the more well-known beaches—think Cancun—there are no college party-goers crowding any of the beaches. If you prefer quaint hotels and shops, along with beachfront bars, then Tulum is the place to go come fall.

3. Gruyére, Switzerland

Cheese and chocolate abound in Gruyére, which just might make it the best place on earth you could visit. Only a two-hour train ride from Geneva or Zurich, you can easily spend a day, or more, exploring the Gruyére Cheese Factory, visiting the local Chocolate Factory, and even sitting down to a meal of fondue or raclette. What makes Gruyére the best place to visit in the fall—aside from delicious food—is the lack of summer tourists and the beautiful fall scenery around every corner.


4. Crete, Greece

Clear skies, amazing beaches, raki festivals, and amazing food all add up to an incredible adventure on the Isle of Crete in Greece. You can spend your days relaxing on a beach or exploring the many ancient Venetian castles left behind after the invasion of the Ottoman Turks. You’ll return home with a renewed sense of appreciation for food, alcohol, and culture.

5. Rajasthan, India

Rajasthan is one of the best places to visit in the fall because of its relatively mild weather and drier climate. It is well-known for its ancient temples and palaces, and it still offers some of the most amazing folklore, art, and culture in all of India. If you like checking out the local wildlife, Rajasthan boasts some of the most amazing wildlife sanctuaries in India that house many endangered species, like the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve.


Best Fall Events to Attend

Perhaps you’re not so worried about where you go as much as what you do when you get there. Thankfully, fall is a great time of year to visit many places because of the many festivals and events happening around the globe. Here are our top recommendations to liven up your fall.

1. Oktoberfest–Munich, Germany

With over 200 years of history behind it—why quit now? Oktoberfest is held from the second to last Saturday in September to the first Sunday in October and features literally tons of great German food all washed down with millions of liters of beer. People come from all over the world to experience this festival of comradery in Munich. But don’t wait. If you want to hang out in one of the beer tents with your friends, you’ll need to make a reservation in advance. Finish the evening at the surrounding fairgrounds and enjoy the rides and carnival games the area has to offer.

2. Leaf Season–New England

When fall comes the leaves change color, but one of the most stunning displays of fall foliage can be found in New England. Get on your puffy coat and head up to Route 100 in Vermont, Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire, or Acadia National Park in Maine for some of the most stunning fall foliage you’ve ever seen. Don’t forget to grab some delicious cider and donuts along the way.

3. Diwali Festival of Lights–India

The most beautiful and largest festival in India occurs on November 7th this year and lasts for five days. During Diwali, there are massive fireworks, celebrations, and homes decorated with candles and lights. Families and friends share gifts and food and give to people in need. It’s a truly amazing festival that is not to be missed.

4. Rock in Rio–Brazil

Currently, the largest music and entertainments festival in the world, Rock in Rio hosts singers like Stevie Wonder, Nirvana, Queen, AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, and more. If you love a good party, Rio is the place to be. The next Rock in Rio will be held fall of 2019.


5. Mid-Autumn Festival–Vietnam

Although this festival is held in various places throughout Asia, it varies from place to place. In Vietnam it is a celebration held at the completion of the harvest in which the God of the Earth is worshiped, family members spend time together, carp-shaped lanterns are lit and carried at night, and people gather to watch the Lion Dance Parade. It’s a fun time for families and foreigners alike and is one of the best places to visit in the fall.

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