If you see this man, he'll upgrade you to first class or give you a free hotel suite

If you see this man, he'll upgrade you to first class or give you a free hotel suite


Maybe you already know him, or maybe this is the first you're hearing of him, but you're going to want to commit the face of blogger Gilbert Ott to memory. 



Back in 2017, Gilbert went viral with his "Catch Me If You Can" contest when he offered travelers the chance to trade their economy class ticket for his first class seat if they recognized him in the terminal. During that time, Gilbert upgraded 40 people, giving them the chance to live the good life. This year, he's bringing the same contest back, but with even more prizes and chances to win.

"What kind of prizes?" you ask. Well, Gilbert wanted to make sure people who aren't able to travel also had a chance to get in on the fun, so he teamed up with Capital One Venture to offer prizes for luxe hotel suites and Michelin-starred dinners. To win these prizes, all you have to do is spot Gilbert out-and-about in his travels to New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, or Washington D.C. sometime before December 8th.



But to win one of these prizes, you have to work quickly; Gilbert won't give rewards if you catch him once he's already boarded or in the lobby of a hotel. You've got to find him out in the terminal or out sight-seeing.

However, even if you don't spot Gilbert, he might spot you. The last time Gilbert did the contest, an airline offered him four flight upgrades. When Gilbert got to the gate, he found some parents who were playing with their kids on the floor instead of just handing them iPads. Gilbert decided they deserved the upgrade.



This year, your last shot to spot Gilbert is on a British Airways flight from JFK to Heathrow in the evening of Dec. 8. He'll have five giveaways on his hands.

For more hints follow #WheresGilbert or his Instagram profile

Happy hunting!


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