Top Tropical Places to Travel if You Don’t Do Cold

Top Tropical Places to Travel if You Don’t Do Cold

Are you tired of the cold? Skip out on winter this season and head to one of these miraculous tropical destinations for sunshine and warmth!

Thai Islands

If you’re desperate for a traditional summer fix in the dead of winter, Thailand has everything one could possibly hope for: white sandy beaches, charming beach bungalows, crystal-clear waters, and cloudless blue skies. Even in the middle of December, temperatures rarely fall short of 79°F or 26°C. Pick one of the many Thai Islands and spend your entire winter vacation there, or move from island to island to behold the best of each one.

How you choose to spend your time in the Thai Islands is entirely up to you. Lounge on the lazy beaches of Koh Lanta or Koh Lipe, or visit Monkey Beach on Koh Phi Phi for a chance to interact with these mischievous creatures. If sightseeing is your thing, you’ll definitely want to stop by The Grand Palace in Bangkok and Sukhothai Historical Park.


Transport yourself to a whole new world with a trip to the sunny city of Morocco, a coastal city in North Africa. This beautiful sandstone city looks as if it’s right out of a history textbook and stays warm year round thanks to its position on the edge of the Sahara Desert, where temperatures range between 84°F (29°C) and 55°F (13°C). Put on your sun hat and take a lovely stroll through Majorelle Garden or visit the incredible Hassan II Mosque. If you’re looking for a little more adventure, you can go rock climbing in Todgha Gorge. If you ever feel like you’ve had your fill of the traditional Moroccan cityscape, you can take a quick trip to the nearby city of Marrakech for miles of open market, intricate architecture, and the Atlas Mountains.


Cancún is a wonderfully warm city that borders the Caribbean Sea in Mexico and is among the most popular tropical places to visit in the winter. January is the coldest month in this beach-side town, with temperatures that rarely fall below 73°F or 23°C.

While there are plenty of white-sand beaches for you to relax on, Cancún is also packed with fascinating attractions and entertaining things to do. For history-buffs and fans of cultural sightseeing, visit the Mayan archaeological site called Chichén Itzá and the grounds of the El Rey Ruins, where you’ll find ruins that date back to A.D. 1200 in addition to hundreds of iguanas.


Bali is an island in Indonesia that is widely known for its breathtaking scenery, world-class spas, and warm weather year round. Of all the tropical destinations one can visit, this particular place is on a lot of bucket lists and well worth every penny you spend on getting there.

The weather in Bali is basically perfect any time of the year, with average temperatures frequently hovering around 80°F or 26°C during the summer andwinter seasons. This vacation hot spot is revered for treating guests to a life of luxury with an array of award-winning spas, meditation museums, and private swimming pools and springs surrounded by lush tropical greenery.


Mozambique is a tropical destination unlike any other that will leave you breathless on multiple occasions and leave an imprint on your mind that will make it impossible not to return. This country in South Africa is hot and humid, with average temperatures of about 82°F or 28°C all year long. The rainy season is from October to April, but it shouldn’t put a damper on your plans, as the rainstorms come and go in short bursts.

Mozambique is perhaps most well known for its breathtaking coastal views and picturesque beaches where you’re likely to see all sorts of marine wildlife, from manta rays to humpback whales. If you’re looking for a tropical place to kick back and relax, this is the perfect destination for you.

Travel Smart and Pack Light

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