Traveling on Airplanes: How to Have the Best Experience

Traveling on Airplanes: How to Have the Best Experience

Air travel has made it convenient to travel long distances in a short period of time, but the process of traveling by airplane can be complex. From booking the right tickets for the right price, getting to the airport with enough time, navigating check-in and security, and not to mention what to do when you’re through security and finally on the plane. It’s a lot.

Because we realize that there can be a lot of stress and anxiety when it comes to travel, follow these airplane travel tips to have a smooth airport experience.

Avoid checking luggage

If you can help it, avoid checking luggage. Weighing and checking luggage can add a significant amount of time to your day, not to mention more fees. And you probably know at least a few people with unpleasant memories of tracking down lost luggage. No thank you! If you plan ahead, you can pack most necessities into a carry-on and personal item, making your life much easier. Use travel-size containers for toiletry items, or plan to buy some at your destination. Pack only a few neutral articles of clothing and plan ahead of time to do laundry. If you simplify, you’ll find traveling is a whole lot easier.

Be smart with security

Arguably one of the most time-consuming parts of traveling is going through security. Because airport security processes travelers from all airlines, the lines can be really long, especially during peak travel times. To make it through security as quickly as possible, follow these tips:

  • Wear slip-on shoes. Having to untie and re-tie shoes takes precious minutes you may not have if you’ve already been waiting for a long time. You won’t regret this one.
  • No belt. Wear pants that don’t require a belt. The less stripping-down you have to do, the quicker you’ll get through security.
  • Don’t wait. Take off your coat, jewelry, and empty your pockets before it’s your turn to go through. You’ll hold up the line if TSA is waiting for you to walk through the detectors because you failed to prepare in advance. And nobody likes that guy.
  • Have an organized bag

    This can’t be stressed enough. If you have to dig through several pockets to find your liquids or electronics, you’re wasting precious time and holding up the line. Buy a Nomatic backpack because it’s TSA-certified, meaning it’s exempt from the TSA rules and you won’t have to take out your electronics. This backpack literally has every pocket placed at the most convenient location for everything, including a shoe compartment, valuables compartment, laptop and tablet sleeve, and even a laundry bag. This is the Rolls Royce of backpacks.

    Bring your own snacks

    This is another big one, because who doesn’t get hungry after all of the hassles of traveling? Save your money for your trip and don’t spend it all at the airport by packing your own favorite snacks. Even some airlines travel for on-flight snacks, so stop at the store on your way and pack snacks that will travel well.


    Stop dreading travel day because of the airport by following these tips and buying a Nomatic backpack to make it easy and hassle-free.