Best Way to Pack a Suitcase

Best Way to Pack a Suitcase

Do you have a go-to packing technique for those short trips that require light packing? If you’re like most people, you probably do. However, do you ever think that maybe there’s a better way to pack? Consider the following 10 packing techniques for advice on how you can improve your efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to packing a suitcase.

1. “The Roll”

Rolling clothes is widely referred to as the best space-saving technique, especially if you’re headed on a trip that requires several different outfits or clothing items of significantly different sizes. The only con to “The Roll” is that clothes can often have wrinkles when unrolled.  

2. “The Bundle”

Bundling wrinkle-prone clothes with less-wrinkle prone clothes doesn’t just help to save space, but it also helps to keep your clothes as wrinkle-free as possible. To master this technique, strategically stack your clothes with items you’re ok having wrinkles on the bottom (i.e. undershirts, underwear, workout gear, etc.) and wrapping them with your most wrinkle-prone garments on top. This technique isn’t ideal if you’re going on a trip that requires quick and easy access to specific items, but it’s great for packing clothes that tend to wrinkle.

3. “The Burrito”

“The Burrito” requires you to fold each individual clothing item into itself. Don’t make this technique your go-to if you’re traveling on a tight timeline, as it takes time to pack and unpack. However, if time is on your side, “The Burrito” is the perfect space-saving technique and can help you get a lot of items into a small piece of luggage.

4. “The Compress”

Want to keep your clothes as clean as possible during your travels while still maintaining an organized bag and wrinkle-free outfits? “The Compress” method could be your new go-to. With space-saver compression bags or NOMATIC vacuum bags you can either use a machine to help suck the air out of the clothes-filled bag, or roll the bag to get the air out. This time-consuming method is ideal for saving space if you’ve got a lot of bulky garments, but you can only fit a few items in each bag.

5. “The Cube”

A perfect method for hyper-organizers and those who portray OCD-like tendencies, “The Cube” technique requires you to sort your clothing by type and group similar outfits together. Not only does this help to prevent wrinkles, but it’s also perfect for trips that require easy packing and unpacking. Be aware, however, while “The Cube” technique is effective, it’s not very efficient in terms of saving valuable suitcase space.

In addition to these innovative packing techniques, consider the following tips to help your next packing venture go smoothly:

  • Instead of rolling belts, wrap them around the interior perimeter of your bag.
  • Use the “Rule of Three” when packing light; three shirts, three pants, three shoes (dress, sneaker, casual sandal), etc.
  • If you’re using a layered packing technique, separate layers with a dry cleaning bag. They don’t take up much space and, you can simply lift the bag to easily access certain layers of clothes.
  • Keep shoes in a gallon-sized zippable bag and place them along the sides of your bag to save space and keep clothes clean
  • Before you commit to a certain packing technique, gather all of the clothing items and other accessories you’ll need on your trip. Lay these belongings out on your bed or floor to see exactly what you’re working with and make your decision based on that.

By having the perfect travel bag, you won’t have to worry about the minor details that can make or break efficient packing. With a Travel Bag from NOMATIC or our NOMATIC Garment Bag, you can benefit from innovative design features that make packing for travel a breeze. Visit NOMATIC to get buy the world’s most functional travel bag, today.